5 Iconic Moments of ‘Friends’ ‘On a Break’ Couple Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer AKA Ross and Rachel

Published 07/26/2023, 6:15 AM EDT

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Friends is one of those timeless shows that has love, laughter, loss, pain, heartbreaks, friendship, and everything in it. From iconic friends duo to the most romantic couple’s duo, the ’90s sitcom gave the viewers a complete family. Friends like Joey and Phoebe, and couples like Monica and Chandler; there were some unforgettable moments. One of the most complex yet most-loved couples, Ross and Rachel, portrayed by David Schwimmer and Jennifer Aniston, also kept the viewers glued to the show.

Starting as a crush in the high school crush, Ross finally got together with Rachel after going through a roller coaster ride. The couple actually got together with a lot of drama, followed by even more. During and around their time together, Ross and Rachel gave their fans many iconic moments that they still love. From their first kiss to they were on a break, here are 5 remarkable Ross-Rachel moments.

Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer about Ross and Rachel


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The on-screen couple admitted they both had feelings for each other while filming the show as well. They admitted they had the best time of their lives during the reunion episode. These co-stars even recreated some iconic moments from the show Friends: The Reunion. Even the stars of the show are still in love with their characters. So, let us remember some of the beautifully significant moments of the couple from the show.

The First Kiss

After repressing their feelings for so long, Ross and Rachel finally shared a passionate kiss at the door of Central Park. Fans had been praying for this to happen for so long. However, when it finally did, it instantly became one of the most remembered moments from the show.

After this point, their love story gained a lot of love and the producers decided to give a salary hike to Aniston and Schwimmer. However, they did not take it to the level of their co-stars.

We were on a Break

Despite their passionate love for each other, Ross’s possessiveness got in the way which made Rachel decide to take a break from their relationship. So, when Rachel found out that Ross slept with another woman, it broke her.

No matter what Ross said, Rachel could not look at him the same way. And Ross’ “we were on a break” moment became extremely emotionally memorable.


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Although the stars also admitted they both cried even after filming that breakup scene because they both were overwhelmed.

The 18-page Letter

Sure, a couple like Ross-Rachel can not stay apart from each other because they just fit together. Therefore, after their breakup, when they could not let go of their feelings and they both admit their love for each other, Rachel writes an 18-page letter (front and back).

Ross lies about having read the letter and shares a passionate night with Rachel. However, her question, “Does it?” leaves Ross to deal with, and again, Ross shouts, “We were on a break!” As comic as the situation sounds, it is certainly the turning point in the Ross-Rachel love story.

Giving Birth to Emma

Despite their on-and-off relationship, there comes a vulnerable time during Mondler’s wedding preparation when Ross and Rachel make love. Soon, Rachel finds out she is pregnant with Ross’ child and finally, she gives birth to Emma.


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This moment is memorable for so many reasons. One is very obvious because it is Ross and Rachel. However, during this time, the complicated couple share a beautiful moment. Moreover, Monica decides to give the name Emma, and Joey also gets stuck in a complicated situation.


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“I Got Off the Plane”

Finally, in the last season, Ross gathers the courage to go after Rachel to stop her from boarding the plane to Paris. Once Rachel boards the plane, she realizes she is not over Ross and wants to spend the rest of her life with him.


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So, she gets off the plane and lands on Ross’ doorstep. Giving the perfect ending to their relationship, this becomes the most romantic moment of their entire relationship.

Although certainly there are many more moments that are as beautiful as these. But these are some we adore. Let us know your favorite Ross-Rachel moment in the comments below.



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