5 Flash and Green Lantern Moments From DC Comics That Are Just as Beautiful as Ryan Reynolds and Grant Gustin Collab

Published 11/04/2023, 6:44 AM EDT

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In the expansive realm of DC Comics, the dynamic duo of The Flash and Green Lantern has consistently dazzled fans with their heroic feats and remarkable friendships. Recently, the actors of the characters, Ryan Reynolds and Grant Gustin, teamed up to give fans an MNTN ad that left their fans feeling just a little bit nostalgic. Just like in the comics, their extraordinary adventures have captured the essence of collaboration, much like the unforgettable crossover of two beloved actors.

As we delve into the vibrant tapestry of DC’s storytelling, here are five moments that parallel the beauty of Reynolds and Gustin’s collaboration.

5 Beautiful The Flash and Green Lantern Moments


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Over the years, DC has given its fans many iconic The Flash and Green Lantern moments to remind them that the bonds of friendship, heroism, and shared purpose can be just as compelling as the on-screen magic that they so regularly give the world. However, with the two actors behind the superheroes uniting in an advertisement, the world can not help but think of some of the best comic moments.

Green Lantern and The Flash exchange powers

Time and time again, fans have seen Barry Allen and Hal Jordan team up in the DC comics. From weird crossovers to teaming up, the two characters have proved that their friendship runs deep. With both being members of the Justice League, it is no surprise that they have crossed paths more than once. In this particular comic by Gardner Fox, both the heroes’ girlfriends find out their secrets.

While they struggle to keep their identities from spreading, Flash and Green Lantern are thrown into a battle with Major Villian. Accidentally, the characters end up switching powers mid-fight. Thankfully, they were good enough friends to know exactly how to use the other’s supernatural talents. Eventually, the two friends ended up succeeding and kept their identities concealed.


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Although the comic left fans a little confused about the inconsequential switch, it ended up proving that their friendship went deeper than most realized.

The Flash, Green Lantern, and their clones

Through the various DC comics, readers have seen The Flash’s Barry Allen team up with Green Lantern’s Hal Jordan. From surprising crossovers and man hunts for different versions of themselves, they have teamed up numerous times over the years. However, there is one instance that has been deemed their best team-up yet. In the comic, Trail of the False Green Lanterns, the superhero gets cloned by the supervillain, TO Morrow.

While that unleashed havoc on the world, Jordan teams up with no other than The Flash to capture all his evil clones. The two superheroes are so close and know each other well enough for Allen to be able to tell his friend, apart from his evil clones.

A battle between friends

It is no surprise that Flash and Green Lantern are good friends in the DC comics. However, that does not mean that they have not gone head-to-head with each other before. In fact, in one comic, the superheroes struggled to round up some evil clones. While it is already difficult to tell apart the clones from Hal Jordan, Barry Allen ends up in dire straits until he remembers the character’s only weakness.

After getting kicked around for a bit, the speedster recalls his friend’s aversion to the color yellow. The fastest man alive then proceeds to cover himself in wet paint and spins like a top until his opponent cannot take it anymore. Once he distracted the clone, Allen ended up using the clone’s ring to contain him in a green cage.


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While it did not seem like much to most, Barry Allen, knowing the Green Lantern’s weakness, showed just how close the two were.

The near-death experience that almost ended a friendship

Throughout the DC comics, the Flash and Green Lantern have been close friends. They might be so close that they have even shared the experience of returning from the dead. In fact, in Final Crisis, Allen struggled to make his way back to the real world after he ran so fast that he ended up disintegrating. While he eventually made his way back to the comics, the character was dead for quite a long time.

Although Hal Jordan tries to talk the speedster through his resurrection, they end up not seeing eye to eye for the first time. Thankfully, a crisis ends up eventually bringing them back together.

The Flash and Green Lantern meet for the first time again

Back in DC’s New 52 era, they gave their fans a moment that will never be forgotten. While the friendship of Barry Allen and Hal Jordan was like no other, readers got to see the duo meet for the first time once again. Although most of the world believed that it was the end of an era, the new versions and their meeting even brought some hope for the era.

In this comic era, readers got to see a new take on the Flash’s character and even a more in-depth look into the iconic heroes’ friendship and bond.

A world without superheroes

In the alternate reality storyline of the Flashpoint comic, Barry Allen wakes up to a world that has lost all its superheroes. The first thing he does is try to find his close friend, Hal Jordan. However, when he tries to find out where the Green Lantern is in this new and uncertain world, he discovers that Jordan has been incarcerated for attempting to protect the world.


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Over the years, the world has seen different variations of the iconic superheroes, Flash and Green Lantern. While each of them has subtle changes, one thing has constantly stayed the same. The fact that their friendship has carried over throughout each comic. From Jay and Alan, Barry and Hal, and even Wally and Kyle, the one consistency is the fact that they all have their own Green Lantern friend.


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Which Flash and Green Lantern moment is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.



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