5 Actresses Who Can Take Over the Supergirl Mantle in DC’s Upcoming ‘Superman: Legacy’

Published 12/09/2023, 1:49 PM EST

Long before there even was television, the fine print stories of some of today’s well-known characters served as an escape from reality to many. In the long league of transitioning from ink to the big screens, Superman has remained an undeniable front-runner. Debuting in a live-action way back in 1948, the character has had the privilege of being essayed by some of the most memorable performances of all time. Passing down Kirk Alyn, Christopher Reeve, and the most recent Henry Cavill, the red cape has now landed upon David Corenswet’s shoulders with Superman: Legacy. However, he is not to remain in power alone.

James Gunn’s reboot of the DC Universe has ambitious plans for Superman’s cousin, Kara Zor-El aka Supergirl. However, following the last iteration of Sasha Calle in 2023’s The Flash also being booted out of canon, here are the next choices the director should likely consider.

1. Melisa Benoist


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In the comics, Supergirl is a tall teenager with blue eyes, blonde bangs, and hazel brows. Standing tall at 5 feet and 8 inches, close to the comics’ 5’6’’, Melisa Benoist stands with an arguably close resemblance to a comic-accurate Supergirl. However, the key factor to her taking the role is that she already has played Supergirl. The 35-year-old actress helmed the role for six seasons of the Supergirl show. Thanks to her charismatic showdown and knack for charm, she stands as a perfect candidate.

Incidentally, Benoist also stands vocal about issues of social justice and equality. The actress has long leveraged her platform to voice concerns regarding women. Channeling her inner Supergirl spirit, she has also lent her weight to activist movements centering on mental health and environmental awareness. Finally, the critical appraisal of her heartfelt performance should sway the role in her direction.

2. Anya Taylor-Joy

Starring as Beth Harmon in the Netflix series, The Queen’s Gambit, the actress received international acclaim. The 27-year-old has a broad range of acting abilities that have her switch to different situations at her whims. Winning several accolades including the Primetime Emmy and Golden Globe Awards, Anya Taylor-Joy remains one strong runner for Supergirl. Additionally, her wide popularity following the heart-winning performance in the aforementioned show may sweep the tide in her favor.

The British-Argentine actress also has sufficient experience in fantasy, sci-fi, and navigating around CGI. Having essayed roles in projects such as Glass and The New Mutants, she would pose no challenge to the creative team. Finally, commanding a slender physique, she comes in close to a near-accurate comic resemblance to the character.


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3. Lili Reinhart

An essential aspect of Supergirl is that she would eventually find herself linked to Superman. Additionally, James Gunn also has a project, Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow to follow close after Superman: Legacy. Hence, an indelible chemistry between the cast stands out as a demand. It is exactly here where Lili Reinhart would excel as Supergirl. The actress has already worked alongside David Corenswet in the 2020 Netflix rom-com, Look Both Ways. A working history would help them transition into their comic book roles better, although they might have to rethink their working chemistry.

The actress has also worked in a wide arena of roles ranging from teenage dramas to sci-fi. Thus, her fitting into the many emotions fit for an origin story may not be an outstretched demand at all. Helming Riverdale, Miss Stevens, and The Good Neighbor, Reinhart commands massive popularity and has a fan base stretching across genres, all of which would amalgamate at her DC outing.

4. Natalia Dyer

Effortlessly outclassing acting expectations with her stint as Nancy Wheeler in Stranger Things, the actress boasts an already massive fan base. Moreover, with her Netflix sci-fi fantasy already fast-tracked to a conclusion, she could transition as the face of the next generation of some of the most esteemed superheroes. Boasting an eye for intricate and minute acting, her bright eyes make Natalia Dyer an effective choice for Supergirl. Thanks to her five seasons’ worth of experience, green screens, and CGI would not bother her.

Finally, coming to landing among the audience, the 28-year-old should fit right in owing to her several teenage drama projects. Starring in Hannah Montana: The Movie and Velvet Buzzsaw, she not only has a tryst with several genres but also commands a swooning of fans with her years’ worth of experience and social media presence. Lastly, boasting a height close to comic accuracy, the actress finds herself just suited enough for James Gunn to send out a casting call.

5. Lizzy Broadway


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The 25-year-old actress may be the youngest on this list but perhaps boasts a truckload of experience in the genre. Portraying Emma Meyer in the recent mature superhero series, Gen V, she stands as one big contender for Supergirl. Not only has she proven her mettle but her immaculate performance in The Boys spin-off lays credibility to her fitting into high-octane emotions. Additionally, her other projects, such as Ghosted and The Inhabitant cement her resume with action skills and emotional range.

Supergirl is a beacon of hope, and the actress is one natural glow of positivity. Thus, an undeniable connection. Finally, her youthful look and ability to tap into young audiences thanks to her recent projects is a massive additional bonus for a character who aims to sail for the highest glory. All in all, her young age and James Gunn’s affinity for casting younger actors to ensure a longer run may just be the perfect calling for the mercurial actress.


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Regardless of who makes the cut, the upcoming James Gunn-led iteration of Supergirl would boast the longest theatrical appearance of the character. What do you think of the listed talented actresses as leading contenders for Supergirl? Or do you have any additions in mind? Let us know in the comments below.



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