“Feel happier” – Back When Millie Bobby Brown Revealed the Only Kind of People She Feels an Instant Bond With

Published 11/15/2023, 2:11 AM EST

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In a rather candid moment from the recent past, Millie Bobby Brown had to peel back the layers of her connections. The Stranger Things star offered her fan following a glimpse into the selective realm of those she instantly bonds with. When the spotlight turned to the actress’s revelations, a unique perspective emerged. It was the specific qualities that sparked an immediate and unmistakable connection in her world.

While the actress always tries to spread love and positivity, an interview ended up revealing an intriguing insight. It unveiled the only kind of people that she resonated with on a profound level.

Millie Bobby Brown shares a surprising bond


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In an interview with Recess Therapy last month, Millie Bobby Brown gave her fans a chance to know her better. From talking about her book, Nineteen Steps to giving children the motivation to follow their dreams, she touched on many topics in the interview. However, there was one thing that stuck with everyone. It was her bond with England. During her conversation with one of the kids, she found out that the part child’s family was from England.

The actress instantly lit up and asked the mom, “You are?” Shortly after that, the host asked Brown if she felt a bond with other British people. Without skipping a beat, she chimed in, saying, “I do. I instantly feel happier.” There is no doubt that the 19-year-old has a love for Los Angeles and her career. However, her love for her homeland and its people will always be more intense.

While her bond with the British may have stolen the show, it came shortly after Millie Bobby Brown was humbled by the same child in the interview.

Millie Bobby Brown got roasted by a child


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In the same interview, Millie Bobby Brown faced a moment that could have made her feel old. While in conversation with a child, she was asked what she wanted to do by the age of 19. To which the girl responded, “It’s an old age.” Although kids are known to say the most random things, the actress seemed to be a little taken aback. That is when the host asked the girl if she knew who was 19 among all of them.

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She immediately turned to Brown and asked, “You?” The Enola Homles star responded, “Yeah, me!” in a playful tone. While that was not what she expected a child to say, she ended up learning the hard way that kids say exactly what they are thinking. It may have been fun for audiences to watch, but it might be a while before the actress puts herself in the line of fire again.


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