Fans Put Their Best Bet Forward to Get Cillian Murphy at the Met Gala

Published 05/06/2024, 2:55 PM EDT

Winston Churchill famously remarked that you can take a man out of the army, but you cannot take the army out of the man. As spectators analyze the phenomenon that is Cillian Murphy, they also cannot help but agree with the statement, albeit with a few modifications. In the Oppenheimer actor's case, he may keep himself out of showbiz, but showbiz does not keep him out of itself, especially if there is a Met Gala around the corner.

While the actor was the talk of the town during award show season, he seems to have also pulled the winning card during Met Gala despite his attendance being dicey.

Is Cillian Murphy attending the Met Gala?


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To say that the chokehold Cillian Murphy has on his fans is simply due to his performances would be undermining his grand existence. Audiences are intrigued by the beautiful balance of detached yet involved he has struck in the over-consuming industry that he works in. However, the question remains, does this 'balance' allow him to attend the Met Gala? A month ago, several lists made their way, claiming that Cillian Murphy is attending the Met Gala without any confirmation.

A lot of the claims surrounding whether or not Murphy will make his way to the red carpet of the fashion extravaganza that is the Met were merely speculations. Many lay on the fact that the actor had recently stepped into a whole new arena as he became the new face of Versace.

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Regardless of whether the sources are trustworthy or not, fans are doing everything in their power to get Cillian Murphy on the carpet.

Fans go to the moon and back to get Cillian Murphy to attend the Met Gala

With only a few hours to go until the Met Gala 2024, fans are ready to do backflips with every breath if that means Cillian Murphy will attend the event. However, knowing the actor and his not-so-secret disdain for anything other than acting that involves a camera and a bunch of people, the chances are slim. In fact, fans have even speculated what his outfit could be given the 'Sleeping Beauties: Reawakening Fashion' theme of the Met Gala 2024.

Jokes apart, the spectators are quite literally putting their best foot forward as they make way for a whole new trend just to get Murphy to come to the Met Gala 2024 red carpet. From someone pledging that they will diligently attend their classes to another promising to watch his entire filmography, the deals are quite lucrative if Murphy is willing to take them.


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The power that the man holds could not be any clearer, as the chants of his name are louder than ever, even before the carpet rolls out. It remains to be seen whether Cillian Muphy transcends into the extravagant costume cartwheel for his fans or not.


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