Every Marvel Movie You Need to Watch In Order to Be Ready for Ryan Reynolds’ ‘Deadpool 3’ on July 26 2024

Published 11/11/2023, 9:11 AM EST

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Over the years, fans have seen the MCU continue to expand its tapestry of heroes and storylines. Along with some of the classics, the imminent arrival of Ryan ReynoldsDeadpool 3 was a highly anticipated moment for fans of the irreverent antihero. To fully savor the raucous wit and unique charm that the actor brings to the Merc with a Mouth, a cinematic journey through the Marvel Cinematic Universe is in order.

From the inception of iconic characters to universe-altering events, each film contributes to the rich narrative tapestry that sets the stage for Reynolds’ reprisal of the beloved character Deadpool.

Marvel movies to watch and prepare for Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool 3


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For months, fans all over the world were in disarray about when the film’s halt would be lifted. Thankfully, with the SAG-AFTRA strike ending with an agreement, a release date for the superhero film was announced. It will be making its way to the big screen on July 26, 2024. However, with the release months away, fans have the opportunity to catch up on context that they have missed before.

In the early days of the superhero film genre, Bryan Singer’s X-Men emerged as a groundbreaking force. The film was released in 2000 and laid the foundation for the superhero-dominated landscape fans know today. It introduced its viewers to a world where genetic mutations have birthed a new subspecies of humanity, mutants. The film starred Hugh Jackman as the Wolverine, which continued throughout the franchise.

At its core, the movie grapples with profound themes of identity, acceptance, and the fear of the unknown. The film set the stage for a clash between Xavier’s X-Men and Magneto’s Brotherhood of Mutants. The film seamlessly brought in action-packed sequences with moments of introspection. It even created a narrative that transcends typical superhero fare.


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With Deadpool 3 resurrecting Hugh Jackman’s character, Wolverine, watching the film where the iconic superhero was introduced could give fans a better understanding of the upcoming film.


In 2003, the world got the second film from the X-Men franchise. It was titled X2 and followed the introduction of the Nightcrawler. While it focused on the same story as the first film, this time there were more twists and turns that fans did not expect. In the film, fans saw Colonel William Stryker wage a war against the mutants as he felt they were freaks of nature.

This progress in the film sees the arch rivals, Magneto and Professor Charles Xavier unite forces against a common enemy. It also showed the audience that mutants faced struggles as well and amplified their humanity amidst extraordinary abilities.

X-Men: The Last Stand

In 2006, director Brett Ratner came out with another installment in the X-Men franchise. In this film, the group of mutants was faced with profound dilemmas that challenged the fabric of their existence. It focused on Jean Grey, who struggled to keep the Phoenix force within her. It unlocked the beginning of the Phoenix saga and brought forth a formidable internal conflict that ended in chaos.

Hugh Jackman’s character plays a huge role in X-Men: The Last Stand as he has to figure out his feelings for Grey. While there were complaints about it deviating from the comics, there is no doubt that the film contributed to a larger narrative and paved the way for the X-Men universe.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine

In 2009, X-Men Origins: Wolverine took audiences on a riveting journey into the mysterious past of one of Marvel’s most iconic mutants, Wolverine. The film was directed by Gavin Hood and provided an in-depth exploration of the character’s origin. It even delved into his tumultuous history, the emergence of his adamantium claws, and the complex web of relationships that shaped his destiny.

From his early years as James Howlett in 19th-century Canada to his participation in various wars, the film, with Hugh Jackman at the helm, pulled back the layers of the character’s past, capturing the pain, loss, and relentless pursuit of self-discovery that created the indestructible superhero fans know and love.


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The film even features Ryan Reynolds as a young Wade Wilson who later becomes Deadpool. So before fans are ready to dive into Deadpool 3, this would be the best place to start.

X-Men: First Class

In 2011, Matthew Vaughn tried his hand at directing X-Men: First Class. The film was a prequel that went back to the early years of Charles Xavier and Erik Lahnsher. It paved the way for the first class of X-Men mutants and showed the audience why the two rivals have a soft spot for one another. The film even stars Jennifer Lawrence, Micheal Fassbender, and James McAvoy.

While Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine was left out of this one, it still highlighted the struggles that mutants faced and introduced fans to various other iconic characters. The film combined historical context with superhero storytelling to offer a fresh perspective on the classic characters.

The Wolverine

In the 2013 film The Wolverine, director James Mangold takes audiences on a captivating journey deep into the psyche of Logan, portrayed once again by Hugh Jackman. The film was set after the events of X-Men: The Last Stand. However, this time, the iconic character makes his way into Japanese society. He ends up becoming entangled in a web of intrigue, betrayal, and deadly conspiracies.

While this film focused on a different version of the clawed character, it showed him losing his healing abilities. After he became mortal, fans all over the world felt a certain anxiety watching him going into battles while vulnerable.

X-Men: Days of Future Past

Back in 2014, Bryan Singer directed X-Men: Days of Future Past. The film seamlessly weaved together past, present, and future timelines, to create a tapestry of mutant narratives that transcend eras. This installment in the franchise introduced a riveting time-travel plotline that not only propelled the story forward but also filled the gap between generations of mutant heroes.

It also introduced the robotic Sentinels that were trying to eradicate mutants and humans alike. However, with Hugh Jackman being sent back in time, the catastrophe ended up being averted. Although the introduction of time travel added a captivating dynamic, the film can give viewers a better understanding of Wolverine.

X-Men: Apocalypse

In the ever-evolving landscape of mutant narratives, X-Men: Apocalypse emerged as a cinematic spectacle that thrusts the X-Men into a battle against an ancient and powerful adversary. The film was directed by Bryan Singer and released in 2016. In this installment, the director delved deep into mutant mythology. He introduced Apocalypse, the world’s first and most formidable mutant, portrayed by Oscar Isaac.

The introduction of Apocalypse challenges the very fabric of mutant existence, raising the stakes for Professor Xavier and his X-Men. However, they inevitably end up restoring order to the world by defeating their foes.


This one might play the most pivotal role out of all the names on the list. Logan was directed by James Mangold and released in 2017. This film bid farewell to Hugh Jackman’s portrayal of the adamantium-clawed hero. However, that was not the only thing it did. It also redefined the superhero genre by offering a mature exploration of mortality, legacy, and the enduring nature of heroism.

The film depicted a weary and aging Logan, whose healing factor has faltered, rendering him vulnerable to wounds and mortality. The world has changed, and so has the once indomitable Wolverine. While there is no doubt that this film was a tear-jerker for most X-Men fans, it was not the end of the character.


In 2016, Ryan Reynolds gave the world Deadpool. With his quick wit and sarcastic and downright dirty humor, he stole the hearts all over the globe. While the film was unlike any other Marvel film before it, it created so much hype and Reynolds quickly became a fan favorite. The film focused on the story of Wade Wilson, who was diagnosed with cancer.

In an attempt to save his own life, he undergoes a transformation that leaves him horribly scarred. While that initially sends him into hiding and staying away from the love of his life, things soon change when he finds out the man who scarred him has his girlfriend. Throughout the film, the character broke the fourth wall numerous times and left most audiences howling with laughter.

Deadpool 2

After a happy ending in the first film, the director, David Leitch, decided to go with a plot twist in the second film. In 2018, Deadpool 2 showed fans the extremes that the character would go to avenge his girlfriend, Vanessa. While she died a few minutes into the film, Ryan Reynolds’ character sees her every time he tries to kill himself.

From high-stakes chases to inventive fight scenes, the film balances its humor with breathtaking moments of superhero spectacle. While pushing the boundaries of what a superhero film can be difficult, Deadpool 2 did just that. That is why the hype for the third film is now through the roof.

Loki Season 1 & 2


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In 2021, Marvel treated their fans with a fish-out-of-water type of story. The God of mischief had been killed in the Avengers franchise, but his story did not end there. Instead, he landed at the Time Variance Authority and ended up finding himself on a major mission. With the season 2 finale out and rumors about the TVA making an appearance in Deadpool 3, there is no saying what could happen.

However, with Tom Hiddleston’s recent interview, fans could see the two stories intertwine. While it may be confusing for some, fans of the MCU that have stayed updated with the films and series, will have no trouble keeping up with the plot twists and crossovers.


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How many of these films have you already watched? Let us know in the comments below.



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