Every ‘Friends’ Lead and Their ‘Modern Family’ Equivalent: Who Will Be the Chandler of The Series?

Published 11/18/2023, 4:47 AM EST

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As the timeless humor of Friends still continues to captivate audiences, fans can not help but see their favorite characters everywhere. Over the years, there has been a certain curiosity about how the iconic characters from the beloved sitcom could align with their counterparts in the equally cherished Modern Family. While both series vary from each other in a lot of ways, there is one thing that both have managed to do: give viewers a safe space.

With similarities between the personalities of the characters, it is no wonder that completely different generations of children and adults seem to be enamored with the series.

Who every Friends lead would be in Modern Family


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While it may be hard to imagine your favorite characters to be in a completely different series, that is pretty much what a crossover is. Unfortunately, the world never got the Friends x Modern Family crossover it deserved. Both shows were loved for their funny lines, mockumentary style, and eccentric characters. While fans may never get to see their favorite chosen television families share a screen, at least we can see who every lead from the NBC series might have been in the family show. Most importantly, who would be the Chandler of the series?

Joey Tribbiani and Luke Dunphy

Matt LeBlanc’s Joey is known for his womanizing tendencies. However, the youngest of the Dunphy family would be his perfect match. Throughout the course of Modern Family, fans watched Luke Dunphy, played by Nolan Gould, grow from a dorky little kid to the little heart stealer that he became. The two characters manage to keep their childlike wonder and curiosity alive, which makes them similar.

Apart from that, both of them also miss a lot of major cues or obvious surprises, which made them seem either a little slow or, at times, even dumb. In fact, another similarity between them is that they both have sisters. While Joey may have 7, Luke had only two, both of whom were older than him. Although both series tell different stories, there is one thing that they have in common. A character that is not only relatable but can also charm anyone’s socks off.


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There is no denying that Luke could just be the younger version of Joey Tribianni. However, that fantasy might only live in the heads of fans who grew up with both, Friends and the ABC sitcom.

Rachel Green and Haley Dunphy

Anyone who has watched both shows knows that Sarah Hyland’s Haley Dunphy is extremely Rachel Green-coded. While both characters gave into the spoiled, firstborn act, they both ultimately ended up proving that they were not as bratty as viewers had first thought. They both shared a common love for fashion and even worked for different brands. Jennifer Aniston’s Rachel worked at Ralph Lauren and even started her own hairstyle. However, the oldest Dunphy child worked at a company called Gavin Sinclair.

With both also sharing complicated love interests and a confusing on and off again relationship, they are definitely two characters who share a similar storyline and personality. Thankfully, at the end of their stories, they both wind up with the man who was there all along. For Rachel, it was Ross, but for Haley, it was her high school boyfriend, Dylan.

Ross Geller and Mitchell Pritchett

Despite residing in different sitcom universes, Ross Geller and Mitchell Pritchett share striking similarities to one another. Both characters have exuded a certain intellectual charm that has stolen the hearts of fans worldwide. While Ross embodied the paleontologist with a knack for over-explaining, Mitchell showcased his legal acumen and socially awkward demeanor.

In fact, their roles as fathers also seem to be connected. They both struggle with navigating the challenges of parenthood, with endearing awkwardness and an occasional neurotic breakdown. Apart from that, both Ross and Mitchell battle with their own insecurities. Both David Schwimmer and Jesse Tyler Ferguson did absolutely brilliant jobs in their roles and gave their fans characters that will never be forgotten.


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Whether it is Ross’s amusing divorces or Mitchell’s journey as a gay man navigating societal expectations, their reactions find a way to intertwine.

Monica Geller/Bing and Claire Dunphy

While this one might be the least surprising, Courteney Cox’s Monica and Julie Bowen’s Claire are perfectly in sync with each other. Both women are quintessential Type-A personalities, who are driven by a burning passion for organization and perfection. In fact, it is so strong that it is almost OCD-like.

Furthermore, both the Friends and Modern Family characters showcase a maternal instinct tinged with a healthy dose of competitiveness. From Monica’s quest for the perfect Thanksgiving or Claire’s determination to create the ideal family moments, they both go all out. While their personalities could usually put people off, the actors did their roles so well that the world fell in love.

Chandler Bing and Phil Dunphy

Although it may not be a perfect match, Phil Dunphy is the closest Modern Family came to having their own Chandler Bing. Where Phil lacks the sarcasm, he makes up for it with his hilarious dad jokes. While Matthew Perry’s character initially showed fans his funny side, it soon changed after he got together with Monica. However, with Ty Burell’s character, fans were shown how much he loved his wife and family right from day one. While it might not have looked like the comedian would get there, he eventually did.


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Just like Chandler and Monica, Claire and Phil are also the dream couple everyone hopes they can be. While their personalities are not completely similar, they both manage to bring a humorous touch to the unique problems that they face. It did not always work out according to plan. However, they always managed to leave their fans wanting them on screen for just a little longer.


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What do you think about the Friends and Modern Family comparisons? Let us know in the comments below.



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