Elon Musk Has a Surprising 1-Word-Reaction to Ryan Reynolds “Promoting” Tesla in a New Ad

Published 05/20/2023, 3:00 PM EDT

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AI is both crazy and fun at the same time. You can sing, write, draw, edit, and even make videos using the tool. There is no doubt in admitting that AI is a blessing, but it is also a curse at the same time. In an era where technological advancements are happening at lightning speed, there is a thin line between a marvel and a menace. Deep fakes are one prime example. While they are innovative and fun, they can be dangerous too. But for our witty actor Ryan Reynolds, it seems to be fun as of now.


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Ryan Reynolds was seen promoting Tesla in a newly made commercial (not literally). This led to an interaction between him and Tesla owner Elon Musk that entertained many fans. 

Is Ryan Reynolds actually promoting Tesla?


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While the commercial might seem authentic, it is unfortunately not. A popular YouTuber by the name of Meet Kevin, and actually Kevin Paffrath, recently made a deep fake commercial of Reynolds promoting Musk’s Tesla. In the video, he clearly mentioned that the video has been created using AI and by no means is true. The ad saw Reynolds sitting against a white background and describing his love for Tesla cars by saying they were ‘the coolest thing ever’. While Paffrath wouldn’t have thought of getting a reaction from Elon Musk, he just did.

Musk replied to the video with a “Nice,” showing that it is all fun and games for the billionaire. 

If a Tesla deep fake was not enough, in another AI video, Elon Musk was seen promoting Reynolds’ brand Aviation Gin. The video was created and posted by the Canadian actor’s marketing agency Maximum Effort as a response to the Tesla commercial. The agency has led many campaigns for Reynolds’ brand.

And of course, Ryan Reynolds hopped in and commented “Nice” at the efforts of the agency, mimicking the billionaire’s previous response. 

All of these deep fakes made fans go in a frenzy and they just couldn’t keep calm.


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Fans found this deep fakes war ‘refreshing’

The verdict on the new fake ad was unanimous: Ryan Reynolds will be an asset for any brand’s marketing. One fan even wrote, Ryan is a good human, he is loved by both genders”. 

Another fan made a meme in reply to Musk’s comment. 

One of the fans wrote that it is not necessary to pay actors for ads anymore due to the advent of AI-created ads, to which another responded, “Yeah, no need to pay the actors, just the lawyers”. 

Meanwhile, fans were also all praises for the AI ad created by Maximum Effort for Aviation Gin.


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But an automated comment had a special request after seeing the deepfake video.


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Fans just loved this exchange of deep fakes that felt like a breath of fresh air. Meanwhile, Ryan Reynolds is all in the news for an announcement regarding Deadpool 3. The actor recently shared his genuine love for the director as well in his own style.

What do you think of this new Tesla commercial? Let us know in the comments.



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