Despite ‘The Witcher’ and ‘Superman’ Snub, Henry Cavill Is All Set for a Comeback With These Top 5 Upcoming Flicks

Published 11/07/2023, 9:00 AM EST

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Henry Cavill faced a challenge this year, balancing his acclaimed legacy of stardom. His fallout as Geralt of The Witcher, followed by his not assuming the role of the Last Son of Krypton, was met with hovering disappointments. It was a letdown not only for his large-scale fan following, but also for the nerd himself. Even then, it is essential to avoid becoming overly complacent with the idea that he will solely be in remembrance due to his snubs. As for the Man of Steel star, he is still a Superman when it comes to landing iconic roles. Even without the cape. 

As the year nears an end, Henry Cavill’s saga of legacy hops on a flight. Ever since he dropped the sword of Geralt and the red cape, the British actor has had his plates full with several upcoming projects.  

Henry Cavill and his upcoming projects


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Although Henry Cavill’s start to the year was a little unprecedented, he has made sure that history does not repeat itself. At least, very well, not in his case. Known for his applaudable superhero and action-packed portrayals, the 40-year-old has now moved up the ladder of excellence by stepping out of his comfort zone. Cavill’s adaptability to effortless transitioning across genres also sparks excitement about what his future projects might offer on release. 

1. Highlander Reboot

Highlander had made a promise upon its release in 1986 that “There can only be one.” And to our concern, its reboot has delivered the promise by casting Henry Cavill as the “one“. Ascending with a $100M budget, Chad Stahelski is ready with a Highlander return. The Highlander franchise was a courtesy of Gregory Widen’s genius, that became a cult classic of the 1980s, followed by four sequels. 

A recreation of this urban fantasy legend is in tales of perfection by Cavill. Hence, it is confirmed that the former Geralt will assume his swordsmanship once again. While pitching Stahelski’s excitement for the project, he said that the release date might be sometime in 2025. That is, given the shooting commences per schedule.

2. Warhammer 40,000 series

The Hollywood star’s high-profile portrayals are a vision of treat while his passion for virtual gaming anchor is no news at all. An extension of the 1983 Warhammer Fantasy Battle, Warhammer 40,000 is a miniature war game that has extensive fan bids of its own. In addition to starring in the series, Henry Cavill is also the executive producer for the Warhammer 40,000 live-action series adaptation. Amazon secured the TV and film rights for Warhammer 40,000 in December 2022, a development directly associated with Cavill. 


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The Warhammer 40,000 primarily concerns galactic warfare that is “grimdark”. Following the acquisition of the project, the Enola Holmes actor also took to his Instagram to make some promises pitching to the game’s fanbase. He wrote, “I promise to bring you something familiar. And I endeavor to bring you something fantastic that is, as of yet, unseen.”


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3. Squadron 42

While the Warhammer 40,000 series has already put some high-tide expectations, its release date is still under disclosure. However, gaming enthusiasts can take relief in knowing that Squadron 42 is finally in its “polish phase”, as per the Cloud Imperium Games founder, Chris Roberts at CitizenCon. Drawing its inspiration from the sci-fi phase of the ’70s & ’80s, Squadron 42 in its contemporary emblem has a star-studded cast to showcase. 

The game features Cavill along with Mark Hamill, Gary Oldman, and Mark Strong, among others. The Man of Steel actor is the voice and the face of Ryan Enright for this Star Citizen Universe creation. According to Star Citizen’s updates on X, formerly Twitter, the game has wrapped its feature completion. 

4. Guy Ritchie Movies

As Squadron 42 deals with its feature completion, Henry Cavill also wraps up his selling scores for one of Guy Ritchie’s upcoming action-thrillers. The film stars Eiza Gonzalez along with the action specialists Cavill and Jake Gyllenhaal. Although the name of the release remains classified, the cast itself is A-listed. Furthermore, the project is a conjunction of Ritchie’s humorous negotiations and adrenaline fuel. Owing to its unique amalgamation, this high-octane movie is something to watch out for. 

According to Henry Cavill’s Instagram update, this is not the only Guy Ritchie venture starring that has completed its filming. The Hollywood star also stepped into the action-spy-genre era with The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare. It is an adaptation of Damien Lewis’ 2014 book Churchill’s Secret Warriors: The Explosive True Story of the Special Forces Desperadoes of WWII. The film focuses on the backdrop of WWII detailing the ‘ungentlemanly’ tactics that were in use to tackle the Nazis. The film is also scheduled for a 2024 release.


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5. Argylle


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While Henry Cavill’s debut in the spy genre is no doubt with Guy Ritchie, the one to take his hands along for the longer road is Matthew Vaughn. Starring in his movie Argylle, the actor is allegedly skinning the role of a super-spy. The team could be seen exploring the likes of exotic locations around the world for this project. The pop icon Dua Lipa is costarring the British actor to give its audience the taste of a new-age collaboration. 

Another prominent inclusion to this project would be the WWE star wrestler John Cena. The trailer of Matthew Vaughn’s Argylle is out. Also, the project is slated for release on February 2, 2024.


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