‘Deadpool 3’ Cast: From Taylor Swift to Walker Scobell Every Major Update for Ryan Reynolds’ Upcoming Movie

Published 12/28/2023, 11:37 AM EST

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Nearly two years ago, Ryan Reynolds promised the world Deadpool 3. Unfortunately, the Marvel production ran into multiple delays. Even though filming had been halted for months, he, along with his co-star, Hugh Jackman, and director Shawn Levy, kept adding to the hype of it all. Now, with filming underway and a release date being set, fans are still in suspense about which stars could make an appearance.

From the pop sensation Taylor Swift to the rising star Walker Scobell, there have been rumors about which stars could potentially be in the film. With none of them being confirmed or denied so far, the intrigue for the film has only increased.

A comprehensive Deadpool 3 cast list


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In the last year, Ryan Reynolds has teased his fans about assembling a stellar cast for Deadpool 3. Given that Hugh Jackman was already said to be a part of it, there was no doubt that the actor had more star power in his arsenal. While some characters would be making a comeback, some could be breaking into the Marvel world for the very first time. From all the major updates that fans were given, here’s a list of stars that could end up completing the cast.

Tom Hiddleston

Earlier this year, rumors were flying about that fans might be getting lucky enough to see a crossover between Tom Hiddleston’s Loki and Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool. With Shawn Levy’s upcoming Deadpool 3 bringing in time travel, fans were over the moon over the idea of the two worlds colliding. Although there has been no official confirmation that the two could meet, Hiddleston added to the intrigue by not shooting down the theories.

Reynolds has tried his hardest to be tight-lipped about the cast of the film and so far, it seems to have worked. Although there may have been a few leaks, the actor found hilarious ways to deal with them. Ever since then, there has been nothing leaked.


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Hiddleston’s Loki can also open the door for another character from the franchise to step into Deadpool’s world.

Owen Wilson

In Marvel’s Loki, Owen Wilson played a huge role; being the God of Mischief’s only friend. While he may have been working with and for the TVA throughout, that never seemed to affect their bond. That is why fans could not help but wonder if the astounding actor could also make a cameo in Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool 3. Although the television series came to an end this year, there is a high possibility that this could be the star’s last ride as Mobius.

Once again, none of the actors ever chose to acknowledge the fan theories that placed Loki’s characters in the film. Reynolds has even asked his fans to wait until July 26th, 2024, for all the secrets and surprises of his upcoming project to be spilled organically.

Jennifer Garner

With Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool 3 bringing back Fox’s X-Men, fans all over the world were hoping that Jennifer Garner could make her Elektra comeback. While it has been decades since her role in Daredevil with Ben Affleck, her appearance in the film would be an absolute hit. Although the actress addressed the rumors recently, she only ended up leaving everyone with more questions.

When Garner was out promoting her most recent project, Family Switch, interviewers asked her about the rumored role. While most expected her to immediately shut it down, she instead acted like she had no idea what they were talking about. With her subtle brush-off, fans only further cemented the idea that she could potentially end up on the big screen with Reynolds and Jackman.


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Taylor Swift

Who would have ever expected to see Taylor Swift hanging out with Ryan Reynolds and Shawn Levy? While their friendship came out of nowhere, it should not be too much of a surprise given that Blake Lively has been one of the pop sensation’s best friends for years. However, shortly after the group was spotted, rumors began surfacing that she could be a part of the Deadpool 3.

Swifties all over the world wanted to know if the star could be playing The Dazzler in Levy’s upcoming film. While the singer chose not to acknowledge the rumors, fans continued losing their mind. Given Swift’s friendship with Blake Lively, there is a huge chance that she could make a small cameo in the film. However, she has had no interest in films before and even seems to have her hands full with ‘The Eras Tour’ as well as her new romance with Travis Kelce.

Walker Scobell

Ever since The Adam Project, the world has been hoping for another Walker Scobell and Ryan Reynolds project. While the young actor seems to have gotten into other popular franchises like Percy Jackson, fans were hoping to see him in Deadpool 3. With the film exploring the multiverse theory and even time traveling, there was a rumor that he could make a cameo as Kidpool.


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While the idea of them teaming up once again is epic, Scobell addressed the rumors recently and exclaimed that he would love to reunite with Reynolds at some point. Although that could mean that he has not been added to the cast, some fans are hoping that it was just a distraction to throw them off his trail.


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