David Harbour Draws Parallels Between His ‘Stranger Things’ Journey and George Clooney’s ‘ER’ Era

Published 08/15/2023, 5:09 AM EDT

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David Harbour has become a household name, and if there is one moniker that currently resonates, it is undoubtedly Hopper. Portraying the fatherly figure to Millie Bobby Brown’s Eleven in Stranger Things, Harbour has ascended the fame ladder through this iconic role. Yet, his realm extends far beyond television, with his presence gracing the silver screen in various movies, including the Marvel film Black Widow. Amid the tapestry of Stranger Things, Harbour has woven an intricate narrative.

In an intriguing twist, he has drawn parallels between his epoch in Stranger Things and George Clooney’s iconic era in ER.

Stranger Things journey vis-à-vis ER’s via David Harbour

Being featured in both television and movies is a coveted career trajectory for actors, and the same sentiment applies to Harbour. Following the resounding acclaim he garnered for his role in Stranger Things, he has openly expressed his aspiration to transcend the confines of the television realm. In drawing a parallel, he aligns his vision with Clooney’s impactful era during ER. Hooper is something that he does not want to be linked with for his entire life. A resonance reminiscent of Clooney’s own situation while making his mark in the dramedy ER.

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Currently, George Clooney’s name holds recognition without additional explanation; however, there was a period when ER shaped his public image. “The guy from ER is doing a movie with Nicole Kidman,” Harbour remarked to Insider. He perceives Clooney as the perfect exemplar of evolution. Clooney’s trajectory serves as an ideal blueprint for Harbour’s aspirations. Having secured two Academy Awards, Clooney has transcended the boundaries of the small screen and carved out a distinguished identity for himself as George Clooney.

Nevertheless, Harbour’s odyssey within the realm of Stranger Things is far from reaching its conclusion.

David Harbour’s continuing voyage in the world of Stranger Things

Harbour’s dedication is unwavering as he bids farewell to the character of Hopper. Yet, he still faces an entire climactic season ahead of him. Due to the SAG-AFTRA and WAG strike, Season 5’s release has been delayed. But it holds the key to his final portrayal as Hopper and his intricate love story with Joyce. A narrative that the devoted viewers of the series are eagerly anticipating.

His journey will lead him into the expansive MCU realm with Thunderbolts. Intriguingly, parallels can be drawn between Harbour and Clooney, as both have emerged as charismatic leading men. They have skillfully navigated their careers by anchoring themselves within franchises while fearlessly exploring an array of genres, showcasing their versatile talents.

Can a comparison be made between Harbour in Stranger Things and George Clooney’s character in the ER? Let us know in the comments below.



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