Channeling his Inner Terminator, Arnold Schwarzenegger Impersonates AI for Be Useful

Published 11/04/2023, 1:14 AM EDT

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The action sensation of the early 90s, Arnold Schwarzenegger remains one of Hollywood’s most loved stars. Witnessing an incredible performer like The Terminator star is surely an experience of a lifetime. Throughout his career, the Austrian Oak delivered some record-breaking films at the box office. However, his iconic “I’ll be back” is something that still stays close to fans. While the actor played the cyborg in The Terminator, it seems as if he is still not over the spirit yet.

The Kindergarten Cop has been seen quite everywhere for the promotions of his recent book Be Useful. Taking it then a step further, he recently surprised everyone with his incredible impersonation of an AI chatbot. 

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s embraced AI in an iconic way


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Over the past few weeks, artificial intelligence has been on the rise in multiple industries and Hollywood is no exception. And a while ago, the Austrian Oak pretended to act like an AI chatbot to fool a handful of visitors at the Gold’s Gym in Venice, California. Apparently, the gym set up a large box with a waveform monitor for patrons to ask questions about what supposedly was an AI chatbot trained by Arnold’s book. Much to everyone’s surprise, inside the box was not an AI but Schwarzenegger himself.

The chatbot responded in a machine-like voice, very much like in The Terminator. The star used his own wisdom rather than the large language library. Schwarzenegger described his experience on Thread as he wrote, “This was a fun trick I pulled on a lot of people who thought they were asking advice from an AI trained by my new book.” 

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Taking advantage of this, the visitors at the gym did not hesitate to ask questions about motivation, vision, and professional bodybuilding. The event was truly entertaining to witness. While this was not the first time the Terminator star became an AI, he sure has his views on the future of it as well.

The Governator’s take on AI with reference to the iconic Terminator movie


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Arnold Schwarzenegger’s role as T-800 was truly a defining moment for his career. Even though years have passed since we last witnessed the actor in the role, fans cannot seem to get enough of the character. Previously, while speaking about the future of AI in Hollywood, the Austrian Oak praised the Terminator film. Schwarzenegger revealed how the film was ahead of its time and deserves the credit for scratching the surface of technology.

Further, he also spoke a great deal about James Cameron. Schwarzenegger spoke a great deal about the director’s creativity and storytelling, revealing how he deserves much more recognition. He even touched upon his disagreements with the Titanic director over the iconic dialogue that generations still use. Seems like Schwarzenegger Terminator’s spirit is still pretty much alive, even after all these years as seen at Gold’s Gym recently.


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