Celebrating 29 Years of ‘Friends’ With Top 5 Iconic Moments

Published 09/22/2023, 5:34 AM EDT

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Not often it happens that a show becomes so popular, homely, and iconic that even after 29 years of its premiere, it is still the love of many fans’ lives. Friends, the NBC sitcom aired for the first time on the 22nd of September, 1994. Fans have been in love with the show for generations. The Central Park group is certainly living their own lives in the real world.

However, fans are still reminiscing about the American actors in their late 20s who live in an apartment in New York. Therefore, we are celebrating the show’s acclaim with these iconic 5 moments.

All-time iconic moments from Friends


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If any hardcore Friends fan would have to choose a specific moment from the show, they would not be able to do so. Because there are plenty of occasions to admire. However, on the joyous occasion of the show’s premiere anniversary, here are the moments that are fans’ all-time favorites.

The one where they all met for the first time

The first episode of the first season was a significant moment as Rachel entered wearing a wedding dress and Ross talked about his married life. Now, we all know how it all went. This moment led to Monica getting a roommate and the viewers learning that Chandler was sarcastic, Phoebe was eccentric, and Joey was charmingly innocent.

This moment marked the beginning of an extraordinary journey of six friends in the history of television, whose journey would still be relevant after all these years.

The one where Joey wore all the Chandler’s clothes

Joey and Chandler set really high standards for friendships. The duo was inseparable. However, there was a time in season 2 episode 3 where they both got into a stupid fight. While Chandler hid Joey’s underwear, he did the exact opposite of it. He wore all the clothes that Chandler owned. Although that was not the opposite of hiding someone’s underwear, as Chandler pointed out, it certainly became one of the most hilarious moments of all time.

Could I be wearing any more clothes?” Joey’s statement became so popular and gave an amusing dynamic to their friendship.


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The one where Phoebe sings Smelly Cat for the first time

‘Smelly Cat’, Phoebe’s song became the signature of the character that even Taylor Swift often expressed love for, along with the sitcom. She sang the song several times throughout the show. However, when she sang it for the first time in season 2 episode 6, it instantly landed on the viewers’ tongues. Even today, fans of the show have the song on their playlist.

Taylor Swift and Lisa Kudrow even surprised fans by singing the memorable song live during Swift’s concert. Indeed ‘Smelly Cat’ came a really far way.

The one with the quiz

Season 4 episode 12 saw the greatest heat between all the characters. Ross made a quiz where everyone was stuck with one important question. “What does Chandler do for a living?” While there came so many revelations during the quiz, the heat increased when Rachel said, “Transponster,” and they lost the apartment. This entire quiz made all the viewers jump off their couches as well.

This is one of the episodes that fans still rewatch over and over again to witness the great victory of Joey and Chandler.

The one where they said goodbye


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While the endings are always tough, this end felt a lot tougher to fans. Even today, fans get emotional when they hear Chandler saying, “Sure. Where?” This all-time memorable moment sent fans back to their real world, leaving them motivated to rewatch the series. All the emotions came to the surface when they said goodbye to each other, standing for the last time in the apartment.

There are certainly several moments like when Ross and Rachel first kissed, when Ross said the wrong name, when they all played football, or even when Rachel, Monica, and Phoebe wore the wedding dress. All of this captures the show’s timelessness, friendship, love, and quarrels with these unforgettable iconic moments.


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