Blake Lively’s 'It Ends with Us' Hits Home to Rom-Com Lovers With Its First Look

Published 05/01/2024, 12:50 AM EDT

Whether or not love fills the air, it is certainly dominating the theaters once again, all thanks to rom-com’s revival. As this delightful fusion of love and comedy reclaims its position as a beloved guilty pleasure, following in the footsteps of Sydney Sweeney and Anne Hathaway, Blake Lively has reasserted herself in the competition for rom-com royalty with her upcoming film, It Ends with Us. 

With the release of its first look, early reviews have started pouring in, and although Serena van der Woodsen is not pulling the heartstrings this time, Lily Bloom is.

Blake Lively’s first look from It Ends with Us is a hit already


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It Ends with Us, the screen adaptation of Colleen Hoover's bestselling novel of the same title, featuring Blake Lively and Justin Baldoni, unveiled its first glimpse on Tuesday, April 30. Alongside the images, the film disclosed its release date, scheduled for August 9. The released pictures exude the familiar essence of a romantic comedy, showcasing Lively and Baldoni in a passionate karaoke scene

Other snapshots depict the classic romantic ambiance typical of a romantic drama, capturing moments of intense eye contact and laughter tinged with affection. Speaking to PEOPLE, the former Gossip Girl star shared how her character in the movie offers relatability to a diverse audience spectrum, and her embrace of the role has deepened her understanding of its profound impact. 

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Evidently, fans have already immersed themselves in the narrative of Lily Bloom and her love journey, despite only being introduced to the initial set of images.

Fans root for Blake Lively after the first glimpse release from It Ends with Us

Similar to Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively has given more than one reason to anticipate the cinematic offerings of this year. Therefore, her commendation of the cast of IF is not the sole highlight of the day; the unveiling of the first look from her upcoming film, It Ends with Us, also shares the spotlight. While Lively has established herself as a seasoned star in the realm of romantic comedy, her return to this beloved genre has left fans eagerly anticipating more.

Many fans seized the opportunity of the sneak peek to declare the return of rom-coms, while others maintained their hopeful anticipation for the movie. Some others welcomed Lively back into the silver screen with great energy. 


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Given that this year appears to mark the revival of the rom-com fever, fans could not have hoped for a better frontrunner than Blake Lively. Therefore, with the unveiling of the pictures and the announcement of the release date, fans seem further convinced of their choice. Consequently, for those longing to see Lively on the big screen, this is a year of celebration, as not just one, but two projects are set to grace theaters very soon.


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