“Beyonce is my calling”- How Millie Bobby Brown Revealed This Surprising Thing About the 32-Time Grammy Winner

Published 08/29/2023, 7:55 AM EDT

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Millie Bobby Brown is one of the biggest names in the film industry. Ever since she made her way to the screen back in 2013, the actress has been adding to her following. Her fame really took off after she starred in Stranger Things along with her co-stars nearly seven years ago back in 2016. However, the actress has not drawn the line in her acting career and even launched her own clean make-up company called Florence by Mils.

While the actress is known for her character Eleven, Brown has made sure to keep a direct line of connection between her and her fans. That is why it came as no surprise when she spilled the beans on how Beyonce is her calling.

Millie Bobby Brown revealed her love for Beyonce


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In an interview with W Magazine back in 2018, Millie Bobby Brown, who was working on Godzilla: King of the Monsters at the time, revealed that, just like the rest of the world, she too was a Beyonce fan. The Stranger Things actress also went on to say that she “has no rhythm” and was “not very good at dancing.”

That is not all. The actress went on to say that “Beyonce is my calling”, which makes sense for anyone who listens to the thirty-two-time Grammy Winner. In the same interview, Millie Bobby Brown also discussed how it felt for her to watch her character Eleven being cosplayed for Halloween.

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Nearly five years after the interview, Millie Bobby Brown is still growing in the industry and making a name for herself. She recently announced her new endeavor following the announcement of the final season of the Stranger Things franchise.

Millie Bobby Brown is off on a new adventure

While the actress is most well known for her role in Stranger Things, fans will have to face the end of an era with the franchise coming to an end after the fifth season. While many are sad to see their favorites leave the show, it looks like Millie Bobby Brown has already got plans ahead of her.


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Back in June, the actress announced that she would be debuting her first novel, Nineteen Steps in September and now that the book is done, followers have gotten sneak peeks at the cover, as well as news of a book appearance. But while fans might be a little sad, at least they have something to look forward to before the series finale in mid-to-late 2024.


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While juggling all of this, the actress has managed to continuously add to her collection of Florence by Mills, which Matthew Modine played a huge part in launching. It seems as though Brown really can have it all.

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