‘Barbie’ Early Reviews Shout for an Oscar for 2-Time Nominated Ryan Gosling

Published 07/10/2023, 2:07 AM EDT

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The world of fashion and imagination is all set as Barbie will come to life. As the Barbie doll gets her own live-action, the anticipation of watching the dynamic duo of Barbie and Ken has already captured the hearts of millions around the world. It brings a wave of nostalgia as we witness the iconic characters from childhood come alive on screen. And capture the hearts of fans it did, as they attended the World premiere in LA. The early reviews are here, and fans can’t keep calm.

The early birds say that the movie lived up to their imagination and beyond. With Margot Robbie playing the part of Barbie and Ryan Gosling, adding the additional layer of excitement, humor, and romance, what more could fans ask for? Turns out, a lot. The premier in LA attended by a few lucky was enough to crown Gosling as an Oscar award-worthy character. 


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The film’s premier transported the viewers back in time and gave them the pure joy that only Barbie can evoke. Lo-and-behold, all the eyes are set on Ken. The performance, the iconic pink hues of Barbiecore, and the entire cinematic experience are setting Barbie apart as a possible cult classic. And this might just be the iconic role that people will always remember Ryan Gosling for. The two-time Oscar nominee has a whole different league of fan following now.  


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As the world premiere of Barbie unfolded, the red carpet buzzed with die-hard Barbie enthusiasts. And not just fans, but newfound admirers too are in love with it.

Ken might just win it for Barbie as the fans can’t keep calm with an Oscar-worthy performance

As the early reviews of the film Barbie started pouring in, one name stood out among the praises: Ryan Gosling. The Ken actor has been previously nominated for the Oscars for Half Nelson and La La Land. With his performance in Barbie, he left the audience in awe. The essence of his character and on-screen charisma has definitely won the hearts of both Barbie and the audience alike. Taking to Twitter, fans stormed the feed with the hashtag #Barbie. The fans say that the pitch-perfect script and the Oscar-worthy performance have made this a cinematic triumph.

Greta Gerwig has definitely made waves with her directorial role, bringing out the characters of Gosling and Robbie beautifully.

And the fans definitely can’t get enough of the Barbiecore being executed perfectly.


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Did anybody say a film that meets more than the eye can see? Definitely. The movie goes above and beyond its aesthetics.


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Fans will have to wait till July 21st to watch Greta Gerwig’s creation. Will or not, the Academy will hear the fan’s plea is just a matter of time. Meanwhile, what do you think about this? Let us know in the comments.



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