Arnold Schwarzenegger Shares an Interesting Similarity All Three Icons Steve Spielberg, Tiger Woods, and Serena Williams in His Book Be Useful: Seven Tools for Life

Published 10/19/2023, 1:26 AM EDT

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Arnold Schwarzenegger has lived many lives. Ranging from bodybuilding to politics, the Austrian Oak has had an impactful career so far. However, one of the latest ventures he explored late in his career is writing. The Terminator star recently released his self-help book, Be Useful: Seven Tools for Life. Schwarzenegger shared some gut-wrenching stories from personal life while emphasizing how to achieve success. Interestingly, the Kindergarten Cop even revealed stories of icons from different fields. 

Whilst taking the audience through a journey of his inspiring life, he also shared stories of legends like Serena Williams, Steven Spielberg, and Tiger Woods, revealing the one trait they all share.

Arnold Schwarzenegger revealed a similar trait Steven Spielberg, Serena Williams and Tiger Woods share 


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Serena Williams, Steven Spielberg, and Tiger Woods are all icons in their respective fields. They have achieved almost everything there is to achieve and continue to influence individuals around the world. However, they all share one trait in common, which Arnold Schwarzenegger revealed in his book, Be Useful” Seven Tools for Life. As per him“Your obsessions are a clue to your earliest vision for yourself if only you had paid attention to them in the beginning.To emphasize his point, Schwarzenegger shared instances from the lives of Serena Williams, Spielberg, and Woods.

The Austrian Oak revealed how the Williams sister showed passion for tennis very early in her life. Meanwhile, the Jaws filmmaker received a camera early in his life. He earned Boy Scout badges and made movies that gave him a sense of filmmaking. Interestingly, Tiger Woods’s life story had a similar arc. The golfing legend took inspiration from his father. Moreover, he made public appearances demonstrating how good he was in the sport.


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While Arnold Schwarzenegger’s book indeed gave the fans an experience from the lives of some of the most influential individuals, he also revealed gut-wrenching stories from his own career, including his hit film Conan

The Terminator star revealed the absurd things he did on sets of Conan


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Conan was one of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s first hits in his acting career. The film paved the way for The Terminator star in the industry. However, despite achieving immense success with the film, Schwarzenegger does not have good memories from his time on set. The actor revealed in his self-help book, Be Useful all the crazy things he had to do to pull off his iconic role in Conan

While filming the film, Schwarzenegger learned how to jump and climb rocks, and also swung through ropes. As shocking as it may sound, director John Milius made him crawl under the rocks making his underarms bleed. He even bit a real, dead vulture in one of the scenes of the film. Another interesting revelation made in his book, Schwarzenegger even talked about Krampus, a peculiar measure he uses for success.


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