“Are you f**king stupid?”- Adele Blasts off at a Fan, as She Takes a Stand for Pride at Concert

Published 06/02/2024, 2:08 AM EDT

With fame comes the responsibility of taking a stand, and Adele is one of the few celebrities who has consistently spoken out for what is right. Being popular often places artists in a dilemma when they choose to voice their concerns, fearing it may turn political and affect their public image. However, Adele refuses to back down. At her latest concert, she bravely stood up for Pride, addressing the audience who showed disrespect to the community.

In a display of ultimate elegance, Adele sat upright, took the microphone, and delivered a moment of impact that resonated through the stadium, receiving rounds of applause in unison.

Adele’s mic-drop moment: A chant of Pride


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Adele recently performed her 42nd 'Weekends with Adele' concert at the Caesars Palace Colosseum in Las Vegas. Although the event was meant to showcase the British singer's melodious symphony, it quickly took a confrontational twist, turning the evening sour. A fan allegedly shouted "Pride sucks" from the audience, which Adele could not ignore. She paused her performance and fiercely responded, “Are you f**king stupid?

Adele expressed her astonishment at the audacity of the fan, who had the nerve to attend her show and shout such disrespectful words. Maintaining her elegance, she urged the particular fan to remain silent if they had nothing positive to contribute. Clearly, Adele was not about to accept disrespect toward a community from someone harboring such visible hatred, unable to see beyond mere labels.

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As the clip circulated widely on social media, fans were increasingly in awe of Adele, recognizing that she was not just a superstar but the role model the audience needs.

Fans rally in support of Adele for taking a stand for Pride

Adele has always been a spokesperson for important issues, extending her support beyond her musical allies like Taylor Swift to everyone who has been wronged. It is only fitting that she would not tolerate a fan insulting an entire community struggling for recognition. Consequently, fans who understood the power of her voice and the gravity of her stance stood by her side.

The online reaction mirrored the live audience's response, where fans cheered for Adele's words. 


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Some fans imagined themselves in the place of the fan who faced her retort, saying they would have disappeared out of embarrassment. Many others praised Adele's attitude, highlighting it as one of the many reasons they love her. Although it is difficult to discern what reaction the fan expected with such a provocative comment, Adele's response will hopefully deter any future attempts at similar disrespect.


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What do you think of Adele's firm stance against the fan who disrespected Pride during her Las Vegas concert? Let us know in the comments below!



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