All Matthew Perry Movies and TV Shows You Need to Watch, Apart From ‘Friends’

Published 09/03/2023, 7:16 AM EDT

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It seems as though the world has forgotten that Matthew Perry has been in more films and TV shows other than just the NBC sitcom, Friends. From his hilarious one-liners to the character’s growth throughout the series, he made fans fall in love with him. While it may have been the series that put the star on the map, it is not the only one on his roster. In fact, the Chandler actor has been a part of a lot of popular movies and TV shows back when he was at his peak.


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A few Matthew Perry movies and TV shows were even the most popular when they aired. But somehow everything apart from Friends seems to have been forgotten over time. And now that the actor has stepped into the spotlight, maybe fans will get a new film or show soon. But until then, fans at least have the actor’s long list of movies and series to keep them company.

6 Matthew Perry movies and TV shows to watch


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Matthew Perry, who recently revealed that he has never watched Friends, is cherished for his humor, but back in 1989, the actor showed fans a completely different side of him. With romance and damsels being swept off their feet, it is not surprising that Perry made all the women a little weak in the knees.

While there may only be a handful of Matthew Perry movies and TV shows that can compete with the popularity of Friends, the actor still managed to keep his fans entertained with some of his older work.

1) Growing Pains

Back in 1985, ABC’s sitcom Growing Pains took the world by storm. The first six seasons of the seven-series TV show were directed by John Tracy and were extremely well-received by fans from all over. The storyline of the series focused on the Seaver family as the mom went back to work and the father ended up moving his psychiatric practice into the house to take care of his kids.

While each episode left viewers laughing their heads off, it was also the star-studded cast that caught the viewer’s attention. From Alan Thicke, Kirk Cameron, and even Leonardo DiCaprio, the cast was filled with huge names.


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Even though Matthew Perry only had a three-day run on the show before his character was killed off, it was the reason he ended up staying in LA, which inevitably got him his screen debut.

2) Beverly Hills, 90210

Before Matthew Perry’s big break on Friends, he was known for his guest appearances on globally recognized sitcoms like 1990s Beverly Hills, 90210While the show followed the lives of teenagers who lived in Beverly Hills, it also addressed issues like substance abuse, teen pregnancy, and mental health problems.

In 1991, Perry starred as Roger Azarian for only one episode of the sitcom. His role was completely unlike that of Chandler. Instead, here the star portrayed a popular high school student who lived a fancy life.

3) Fools Rush In

This is probably one of Matthew Perry’s favorite roles. The actor starred alongside the gorgeous Salma Hayek back in 1997, to bring his fans a film about one-night stands and falling in love, Fools Rush In. The storyline followed the two actors as they fooled around once and ended up having to deal with Hayek’s character, Isabel, getting pregnant.

While it might be a cute love story, it did not do exceptionally well when it first came out. But it is definitely remembered as a Matthew Perry movie that no one was expecting.

4) The Whole Nine Yards

Another star-studded hit. Back in 2000, Warner Bros. shook everyone when they announced, The Whole Nine Yards, which was directed by Jonathan Lynn. The film featured a variety of huge names like the Die Hard star, Bruce Willis, Amanda Peet, Michael Clarke Duncan, Kevin Pollak, and, obviously, Matthew Perry.

The film was a crime comedy that starred Willis as the villain, Jimmy “The Tulip”, who was a hitman who ended up ratting out the mob. So, in the hope of saving his life, he left behind everything he ever knew and moved in next door to Perry’s character, who was a single dentist.


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After Perry recognized Jimmy from a picture in the newspaper, his entire world was flipped upside down. After the success of the first movie, the creators decided to put out a sequel called The Whole Ten Yards in 2004.

5) 17 again

In 2009, Matthew Perry surprised his fans again with a romantic teen comedy that starred him and Zac Efron. The film was directed by Burr Steers and caught teenager’s attention very quickly with the High School Musical star. But the actual story focused on the life of Matthew Perry’s character Mike O’Donnell, who was upset about the cards life dealt him.

After a storm and a wish to be seventeen again, the actor woke up as his teenage self who was played by Efron. While it might have been exactly what Mike had wanted, he soon realized how much he missed his wife and kids. But when he tried to explain everything to his wife, no one believed him until it was almost too late.


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The film may not have had the best ratings after it came out, but it definitely pulled on the heartstrings of the audience that watched it.

6) The Odd Couple

Just like the 1968 film, The Odd Couple, Matthew Perry starred in the 2015 sitcom CBS remake of the decades-old comedy classic. The three-season series followed the story of two friends who moved in together after both their marriages failed.


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But similarly to Will and Grace, the two had issues getting used to living with each other. Oscar, Perry’s character, and Felix Unger, who was played by Thomas Lennon, were two completely different characters who really struggled to find what worked for them. They canceled the series after a three-year stint because of an enormous drop in the ratings and viewers. While it may have only lasted three seasons, Matthew Perry is still being recognized for starring in the show.


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While Perry recently dropped his memoir and is finally back in the public eye, fans might be getting another movie or TV show that stars the Friends actor. But until then, he has already given his fans a list to make their way through before his next big project.

Which is your favorite Matthew Perry movie or TV show? Let us know in the comments below.



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