After Following Ryan Reynolds in Superhero Genre, Dwayne Johnson Hints at Delving Into This Specific Art Form

Published 08/07/2023, 7:30 AM EDT

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The dynamic duo of Ryan Reynolds and Dwayne Johnson has not only graced the screen together in the Netflix film Red Notice, but their friendship has also stood the test of time. Johnson’s deep-rooted connection with Reynolds, surpassing his familiarity with any other Hollywood luminary, offers a glimpse into their remarkable camaraderie. Embarking on their career journeys in tandem, both actors had their respective forays into the realm of superheroes.


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After Reynolds had his memorable stint as Deadpool in 2016, Johnson’s wish was granted with his role as Black Adam. Now, fueled by his artistic aspirations, Johnson harbors yet another fervent desire–to immerse himself in this art form.

Johnson embraces this artistic aspiration

Reynolds and The Rock embarked on their career journeys together, Reynolds taking the helm in Van Wilder and The Rock with Scorpion King. While Reynolds’ superhero aspiration was fulfilled long before Johnson’s, with his role as Deadpool, a new chapter unfolds as Johnson reveals his latest wish during the latest episode of Heart with Hart. When Hart asked him about what else he wanted to explore in his career, the actor said musicals. “There are genres that I haven’t worked in yet, that might include some song, might include some choreography,”  said Johnson.

Playfully teasing Johnson’s aspiration, Hart light-heartedly poked fun at his desire for a musical venture. Johnson’s wish for a movie infused with music and choreography prompted Hart to humorously quip about his own lack of dancing prowess, suggesting that he’s not the most skilled dancer. In response, Johnson confidently asserted his dance abilities, playfully claiming he could effortlessly execute the “boogie oogie oogie.”

Fulfilling their superhero fantasies, the connection between the co-stars of Red Notice goes beyond mere happenstance. Johnson has showered Reynolds with praise, revealing his admiration and fondness for his fellow actor.

Johnson’s praise sheds light on a deeper connection with Ryan Reynolds

The Rock has playfully likened his camaraderie with the Deadpool star to that of a seasoned old couple on an interview with IMDb. He calls it a dynamic filled with playful banter and occasional squabbles. Johnson humorously draws parallels between their interactions and those of a pair who have weathered the years together. Amidst their jovial exchanges, a profound bond of affection and admiration flourishes, much like a timeless love story.

In a spirited toast to their friendship, Johnson is orchestrating an ambitious multi-million-dollar spin-off within the Fast and Furious universe. While the exact connection between Hobbs & Shaw hangs tantalizingly undefined, Johnson envisions a thrilling collaboration that melds the talents of Reynolds and Kevin Hart. Rewinding to the 2019 spin-off, Reynolds graced the screen as Agent Victor. Yet the curtain shrouding his role in this fresh escapade remains enigmatically drawn.

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