After Expressing His Love for Stray Kids, Ryan Reynolds Taps Into His Inner K-Pop Fandom as He Promotes This Group’s Comeback

Published 07/28/2023, 6:30 AM EDT

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In a world abloom with the vibrant culture of K-pop, it remains rare to find Western celebrities who fully embrace its allure. However, there shines a bright exception in the form of a megastar – none other than Ryan Reynolds. The Deadpool actor has time and again demonstrated his genuine fandom for K-pop. Whether it be in passing remarks or dedicatedly following the latest songs, Reynolds proves that he is unafraid to embrace his inner K-pop enthusiast.

The 46-year-old, known for his love of K-pop, once took to a public platform to express his admiration for the boy band Stray Kids. However, this time, the star is directing his attention toward promoting the highly anticipated comeback of a powerful K-pop girl group.

Is Ryan Reynolds promoting another K-pop comeback?


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NewJeans, the fastest-rising K-pop girl group, continues to shatter records as they debut three songs on the Billboard 100 at lightning speed. Now, with their second EP, ‘Get Up,’ they have unleashed another catchy track, ‘Super Shy.’ The song quickly took the internet by storm, going viral on TikTok, thanks to its infectious beats and captivating choreography that had fans grooving along. Surprisingly, Reynolds, not one to jump on the bandwagon, decided to share his gym routine playlist instead.


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To everyone’s delight, the Green Lantern actor’s gym playlist turned out to be a complete showcase of NewJeans’ songs. As per Koreaboo,  Reynolds humorously captioned it as “NewJeans count as proper gym attire,” adding his trademark wit to the mix. The collaboration between the Hollywood star and the K-pop sensations stirred a frenzy among their collective fan following, with the video racking up a staggering 112.9k views within just an hour.


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Reynolds’ enthusiastic promotion of NewJeans and K-pop is far from a one-time affair. The Hollywood star has been actively engaging in such trends before, showcasing his genuine love for K-pop.


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Reynolds’ K-pop love

Earlier this year, NewJeans’ infectious hit, ‘OMG’, took the TikTok world by storm, sparking viral trends. It captured the attention of none other than the Free Guy actor. In a delightful surprise, Reynolds shared his own unique edit of the song, and it quickly became a sensation. Donning a Superman costume, he playfully reshaped the music video, earning applause from fans and even earning a reshare from his own company, Maximum Effort.

The post had a witty caption that read, “Our mental health needed this (and a pair of NewJeans).” Reynolds’ fandom for the K-pop group Stray Kids is also no secret. His participation in the Stay Selca Day on Instagram only solidified their heartwarming friendship. Among the members, his cherished connection with Bang Chan stands out, as they often exchange heartwarming messages and playful banter. The icing on the cake? Stray Kids’ favorite Christmas film happens to be none other than Reynolds’ iconic Deadpool.

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