A Perfect Fit? Dwayne Johnson Has Fans Gasping as Reports Suggest an Iconic X-Men Villain Role for the DC Reject

Published 05/07/2024, 9:15 PM EDT

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has embraced new faces and fresh characters to reignite its box office momentum by unveiling its latest picks from both cinema and television origins. Hence, following the fantastic casting calls of The Fantastic Four, the DC reject, Dwayne Johnson has been handpicked for a switch in the superhero galaxy from the DC slate to the MCU. It seems not just a galactic transition but his rumored role has put up the stakes with the shift from hero to anti-hero with the dibs on this X-Men villain.

This MCU addition could be a hit or miss for the DC fans who missed seeing Johnson’s reprisal. However, they seem convinced about the former. 

Which MCU role is Dwayne Johnson rumored to take on?


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When DC rejected the continuation of Black Adam’s storyline, not just fans, but even Dwayne Johnson was cut short of his superhero dream. But with time, he may have come to terms with it since his galactic transition now also aims at a switch from a do-gooder to a morally grey character. According to MyTimeToShineHello’s X account, reports suggest that The Rock is set to play the X-Men supervillain, En Sabah Nur a.k.a. Apocalypse, in one of the future MCU chapters.

With the MCU gearing up for an X-Men reboot, he could either be part of that storyline or possibly a variant for the upcoming Avengers movie. Previously, Johnson was tapped to play Namor in Black Panther 2. While that expectation did not materialize, Apocalypse's entry into the MCU and Johnson's willingness to take a gamble on it might bring his supervillain aspirations closer to reality, if not his superhero dreams.

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The rumors alone appear like a fit for fans and their reactions vouch for it.

Fans find Dwayne Johnson’s casting rumors for Apocalypse a fit like a glove

Dwayne Johnson may have shed his savior syndrome but with MCU giving him another chance to flex some anti-hero skin, fans seem more than fanatic to have him on board. While the casting speculation remains just that for now, should it come to fruition, it could mark a significant moment for both Johnson and the MCU since the former has faced notable setbacks in recent high-profile projects while the MCU is moving mountains for reinventing its inventory.

Many fans could envision Johnson in the role of Apocalypse, and the casting rumor genuinely generated a sense of excitement among them. However, not all shared this sentiment. 


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Some were enthusiastic about the prospect of Johnson taking on the role. However, concerns seemed to linger because of his past tendency to interfere with movie developments and end up in the bad books of makers, as evidenced by Black Adam’s short-lived DCEU journey. However, time has passed since then, and Johnson may have reflected on these concerns. Hence, he might adjust his approach if he joins the MCU. Nevertheless, much hinges on the final casting decision, leaving fans to await the public reveal.


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What do you think of Dwayne Johnson's casting rumors for Apocalypse in the MCU? Let us know in the comments below!



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