Henry Cavill is reportedly going to play more in the Enola Holmes sequel

Published 04/12/2021, 7:25 PM EDT

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The Witcher star Henry Cavill, who plays the role of Sherlock in Enola Holmes, is reportedly going to have a bigger role in the sequel.

Despite not being confirmed yet, the sequel for Millie Bobby Brown‘s movie Enola Holmes has itself surrounded by many rumors. It’s almost certain that we’re going to see the next entry of the Enola Holmes movie, but there’s yet to be an official announcement concerning that. Anyways, a recent report indicates that we’re going to see more of Henry Cavill in Enola Holmes 2. The famous actor played the role of Sherlock, the brilliant detective, and brother of Enola Holmes, who needs no introduction. Now, we know there’s a good possibility that he’s going to play a much more prominent role in Enola Holmes 2 according to the latest rumors.

There’s no certain reason for this new piece of information, but we know some things from before that would confirm Cavill’s possibly increased role. There were reports about Professor Moriarty being the villain in Enola Holmes 2. Being the arch-nemesis of Sherlock Holmes, Moriarty is sure to increase the screen time of the successful detective. But still, there’s nothing certain about it, as even the sequel is yet to be officially greenlit.

We repeatedly said Netflix has not officially confirmed the sequel, but virtually all the facts indicate that they are going to shoot the next movie. There are many more Enola Holmes books from which the story can be adapted into movies. There are still five more novels in Nancy Springer’s book series, whose first entry is the basis for the Enola Holmes movie. In addition to that, the movie’s star Millie Bobby Brown earlier revealed that she’d love to play in a sequel. As Enola Holmes is a good hit for Netflix, it seems highly likely that they will renew it for a sequel.




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