Heartwarming Moments From the Kissing Booth Trilogy

Published 10/31/2021, 1:53 AM EDT

The Kissing Booth series has come to an end in August 2021 on Netflix. Viewers watched a group of teenagers go through high school- a defining and, according to American media, a rather wild stage in life. The trilogy had more than its fair share of heartwarming moments. Here are some of our favorites:

Elle and Lee make up through dance


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The opening credits of the first Kissing Booth movie tell viewers how Elle and Lee grew up together and how dancing was a big part of their bond. Of course, when they both fell out for a while, the creators decided that they’d be making up through dance. And this certainly couldn’t have been done better!

Noah and Elle in the car

Apologizing is difficult enough. And it’s definitely worse when you’re a stubborn teenager. But watching Elle unknowingly apologize to Noah in the car during Halloween sure made viewers melt.

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Elle was on the lookout for Noah after she, quite unfairly, lost her cool with him. Lee decided to help her, but little did she know he’d solved the problem for her. The Flynn brothers decided to pull the good old switcheroo and while Elle thought she was venting to her best friend, she was apologizing to Noah!

Elle drives the bike after Noah leaves

Having Elle realize that while Noah is important to her, their own goals and ambitions matter was something viewers didn’t expect out of a Netflix movie, quite literally, called “The Kissing Booth”. As Noah leaves for college, Elle has to go on about her life as a high school student. But instead of being miserable about him leaving, she decides to use this as an opportunity to grow. The protagonist even drives a bike on her own- something she’d always been afraid of.

Marco and Elle have a conversation on the beach

The one thing the Kissing Booth series gets across quite right is that teenagers don’t have it easy. There’s academics, internships, dealing with growing up, future plans, friendships getting complicated, and an endless list of other things adults tend to overlook.

While Noah was in college and Lee was busy with his life, Elle was dealing with several things and had no one to turn to. Hence, this heartfelt conversation with Marco at the beach was all Elle and the viewers of this Netflix Original needed.

Elle apologizes to her father and Linda

Since it is meant to be a fun watch for pre-teens, the creators didn’t aim to make The Kissing Booth deep or insightful. No one can say that the relationships in the series are even vaguely healthy. But the parental relationships are undeniably sweet.

Elle’s father never approved of her and Noah’s dating, but he left the decision to her discretion without being overly protective. But Elle couldn’t get herself to be happy for him in the same situation. Instead, she gets unreasonably enraged with both, her father and his extremely nice and considerate girlfriend.


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So, when Elle apologizes to her father and Linda by going out of her way, fans can’t help but find it heartwarming.

Lee leaves for college a happy man


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Throughout the three movies of The Kissing Booth, Elle and Lee struggled with boundaries while growing up. They had been two peas in a pod and planned on it staying that way even in college, but things didn’t go as planned. Hence, watching Lee accept this change and leave for college happy for both of them was definitely the single best scene of the movie.

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