From Adrian Greensmith to Jaeden Martell, Where Have You Seen the ‘Metal Lords’ Cast Before?

Published 04/09/2022, 11:30 AM EDT

Metal Lords is created by the same people who brought you Game of Thrones, but it has nothing in common with that enormous fantasy epic besides a similarly outstanding ensemble. We’re here to take you on a tour of these actors’ credentials, ranging from unknown young rockers to seasoned veterans. Check out where you’ve seen the Metal Lords cast previously as they try to win Battle of Bands.

Where have you seen the Metal Lords cast before

Jaeden Martell


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Jaeden Martell is most known for his roles in the It film and as the alt-right youngster in Knives Out. Since 2014, when he starred with Bill Murray and Melissa McCarthy in the feel-good drama St. Vincent, the young actor has been on the rise (currently streaming on Netflix) in Metal Lords, where he plays Kevin Schlieb, a heavy metal drummer.

Martell also played a cunning young genius in Colin Trevorrow‘s cult masterpiece The Book of Henry (also streaming on Netflix).

Adrian Greensmith

Adrian Greensmith makes his cinematic debut in Metal Lords. Hunter Sylvester, Kevin’s heavy metal–obsessed bandmate, is played by him.

Isis Hainsworth

Isis plays the role of Emily Spector in the film. Emily is a hot-headed young cello player who comes between Hunter and Kevin as they search for a bassist. You probably have seen her before in period pieces such as Emma and Hulu’s Harlots series.


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Sufe Bradshaw


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Sufe Bradshaw, who is well known for her recurring role as Selina Meyer’s assistant Sue on Veep, plays the dean of Kevin, Isis, and Hunter’s school. She’s also starred in Netflix’s Murder Mystery and J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek remake in minor parts. She also had a role in Imperial Dreams alongside John Boyega and Keke Palmer.

Joe Manganiello


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Manganiello is one of Metal Lords‘ most famous faces. You might recognize him from his legendary performance in Magic Mike XXL or his four seasons on True Blood as a lovelorn werewolf. In Netflix’s Sabotage, he played an action hero against Arnold Schwarzenegger, and in Pee-Big wee’s Holiday, he played a delightful comedy foil opposite Pee-wee Herman.

How many of the aforementioned actors did you remember. Be sure to stream Metal Lords on Netflix for an evening full of rock!



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