Fate: The Winx Saga on Netflix: Everything We Know So Far

Published 01/26/2021, 6:58 AM EST

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Netflix announced that they were preparing to revisit Winx Club’s world with Fate: The Winx Saga in a darker reimagining courtesy. And that they has finally come! If you are one of the ones who grew up like most of us with Nickelodeon, there is something we have to celebrate!

Actually we all Winx Club fans know that it has been a while since that it was being planned renaming the series is on the table. The idea for a live-action adaptation of Winx Club dates back to 2011 and at the Ischia Global Fest in 2013, the creator of Winx Iginio Straffi stated that he was still planning a production “with the Winx in flesh and blood, played by real actors. Sooner or later it will be done.”  And here we are! We finally got the chance of living our childhood as grown-up young adults again!

The series showrunner Brian Young who we also know from beloved series such as The Vampire Diaries and Kyle XY. And it’s been a while since the first trailer had been published. And now, Fate: The Winx Saga is finally in-stream on Netflix since 22 January!


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A little more about the Show Fate The Winx Saga

Fate: The Winx Saga is a supernatural teen drama. Bloom was a normal high school teenager until an accident that she caused. After she accidentally starts a fire at her house, she realizes that something is wrong with her and. So somehow she finds out that she is a fairy with magical fire powers. She moves to the Otherworld to attend Alfea boarding school for fairies, and the real story begins. While Bloom will have to get used to her new abilities and learn how to control her magic, she and her friend also will have to fight mystical forces and monsters.

Most people describe the series as some kind of mix of Harry Potter and Riverdale. It has magic, it has normal teen dramas, mysteries, and a lot more. The lead actress Abigail said in an interview that “All these girls have actual superpowers, but if you want to talk about it in a real-life sense, everyone has a superpower, it’s just your superpower is what makes you different.”

So we see despite all the threats by dark forces and monsters who will take the girls away from their school duties there are also cute boys lingering around campus and love triangles, too.

Let’s find out more about the Fate: The Winx Saga characters:


When we look into the cast, we see Abigail Cowen as Bloom, who is a 22 year-old-actress and also known for her roles in Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and Stranger Things. Bloom is one of the original members of the Winx Club and she is the leader and main protagonist. In the original cartoon series, Bloom was a princess and the Fairy of the Dragon Flame.

Aisha, the princess and the Fairy of Waves is played by British actress Precious Mustapha, a 23-year-old actress who has starred in Endeavour and The Stranger. In the original series of Winx, Aisha joins the Winx Club later in the second season but here, we got to chance to see her earlier. The Crown Princess of Andros Aisha is controlling the water element. So that’s how we can understand how and why she is obsessed with swimming I guess.

Stella is played by Hannah van der Westhuysen, a 25-year-old actress who has previously starred in The Bay of Silence. We see her character as immature and selfish, but she also makes the audience confused by the way of taking care of herself and her friends when they need her even if they can’t get along yet. She was a little more careless at the beginning of the original Winx series actually.

Stella is a Crown Princess who is the Fairy of the Shining Sun, and she is an heiress to the Solarian throne. She is another of the founding members of the Winx Club. And by the time, we also witness her fight with her mother and how that situation affects her and her character till this time.


Musa is played by Elisha Applebaum a 25-year-old actress who has starred in Mob Handed and No Reasons. She is the Fairy of Music and she is the Guardian Fairy of Melody. She is a telepat fairy, also names as mind fairy that can feel everyone’s emotions around her and we also see how that situation struggles her. That’s why at the start she tries to keep her distance between her and the others.


Terra is a new character that didn’t exist in the original series of Winx Club and she is assumed as a replacement of the character Flora. Terra is played by Eliot Salt, a 27-year-old actress who has starred in Normal People and Gameface. We don’t know much about her role yet at the moment, but she seems naive but also a strong character. She controls the earth element on the other hand, just like Fiora.

Sky  is played by Danny Griffin, a 23-year-old English actor who starred in The Gentlemen. In the original series, Sky was the Prince of Eraklyon who was meant to be a King and he was a member of the group known as The Specialists, which still exists in the new series, too. And a little bit of spoiler is on the way if you haven’t watched it yet, but there is a love triangle waiting for us that we wouldn’t know and expect about him!


Beatrix is played by Sadie Soverall, a 19-year-old English actress who has previously starred in Rose Plays Julie. In original Winxi she is known as the heiress to a settlement, the Honeycomb Fortress. We haven’t seen or heard anything about Trixies just yet, but she is still a bad character just by herself. She has an agenda that we get to know after just a little, but also obvious that these are just the beginning of what is yet to come. She somehow manages to make us a little bit confused whether she has right or not. Guess we will see it more clearly next season that, at least I hope that we will…


The original Winx Club known as the love of Musa’s Riven is played by Freddie Thorp. In the new version of Winx, he and Musa do not seem to be connected in anyways at all. He knew from Winx Club for his stubbornness and he seems lost nothing about that and also still has that bad-ish attitude. We know that there were times he switched sides at the origin Wİnx Club, and right now he doesn’t seem he is on the right way, either.


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Sam is played by Jacob Dudman, a 23-year-old English actor known for his roles in The A-List, The Stranger. His character appears as a spin-off to the original Winx Club and he is the brother of Terra. He also control the earth and can pass through walls as much as we know, all the other things about him are question marks left for us. But I can say he seems good, especially compared to Riven…


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Silva, another new character for the series is the dashing headmaster of The Specialists and is played by Robert James-Collier, a 45-year-old actor known for his roles in Downton Abbey and Coronation Street. Silva appears as Sky’s father’s best friend and after his head, he raises Sky himself. So we also see him and Sky connected with a very strong and emotional bond.

So, as far as I can see, we are taking back our childhood more mature and grown-up just like us if you ask me. The new Winx club is darker and more real in many ways. The story is definitely not the same but we can’t say they are so different, either. They managed to reshape and adopt it in our new ages and the world that’s following. So I’m pretty sure we are gonna meet up again for this series. What are your first impressions?



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