EXPLAINED: Unanswered Mysteries of Tiger King

Published 10/30/2021, 3:36 AM EDT

People have been petting cats for quite a long time, and mind you, even those tiny creatures take a toll on you. So, when a tiger owner acts crazy, you can’t blame all of it on them. Tiger King has introduced us to these crazy individuals who breed big cats for fun, and chaos ensues with Joe “Exotic” Passage at the center of it all.

Netflix released the first season of Tiger King on March 20, 2020, and the official trailer for the second season launched on October 27, 2021. But there are some mysteries from season one that have been troubling the fans. We have made a list of these mysteries so that you don’t miss their answers on November 17, when the new season premieres.

Joe’s past


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From Joe loving guns to not wearing underpants, we know a fair share of his life, but what was Joe before Tiger King? The series gives us a glimpse of Joe’s early life but doesn’t delve too deep. To simply put it, Joe Exotic is a colorful human being with a shady past.

Carol’s ex-husband

Competition always ensures banter, but Joe doesn’t draw a line between banter and personal comments. What started as a slight disagreement over cub handling grew into a full-fledged discourse.

Joe constantly questioning Carol over her husband’s disappearance has sparked some interesting theories from the fans. But it is better to hold your horses now if you are one of those theorists, as the second season might feature Don, Carol’s ex-husband.

New management

The limelight was not something new to Joe, but more often than not, Joe attracted negative publicity to the zoo. When Joe handed the keys to his associate, Jeff Lowe, Jeff shifted the zoo to Oklahoma. Jeff Lowe and his new business associate Tim Stark embark on a fresh journey at the end of the first season. However, only season two can tell how they end up.

Not a fairy tale romance

The series shows Joe dating multiple men, but he settles with Dillion at the end of the season. However, their story has a rocky start with Joe getting arrested for hiring killers to eliminate Carol. Can this new couple survive the storm ahead?

Will Joe snitch?

If Joe was ready to team up with PETA during his trial, then he could have some serious dirt on other big cat owners. While Jeff Lowe and Doc Antle are pretty notorious people, Joe could end up causing trouble for a lot of the others in this bizarre business.

How will the cast handle fame?

If you thought you were an attention-seeking person who would go to extreme conditions, you must be thankful to Tiger King. Music videos and zoos are understandable, but Joe unlocked a new level by running for President.


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In his bid to be famous, Joe even printed his photos on a condom and distributed them to the public. Thanks to Netflix’s true-crime documentary that has done the trick for Joe, but how will the cast handle the fame?

Was Joe set up?

Joe ended up in prison at the end of the series, but he is confident of his innocence and even feels like some people are lying under the oath which might set him free. Even though Joe always finds himself in trouble, he also gets out of it quickly. Will luck favor him for one last time?


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Let us know in the comments if you know the answer to any of these mysteries.



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