Evolution of Sadie Sink’s Character Max in Stranger Things

Published 05/10/2022, 3:00 AM EDT

No one in the world could have imagined that a show like Stranger Things would receive such acclaim and popularity. However, after three immensely successful seasons, the least we all can do is applaud the characters, the actors, and the show writers. One of the greatest strengths that the hit Netflix Original has is that even after three seasons, it’s still fresh. You don’t feel the story is being stretched out. And the show received its push in season two with the introduction of Max, played by Sadie Sink.

Since Sadie’s fortunate introduction to the show, the series has picked up its pace, and things have started to become more interesting. But her role has varied over the years. And with the new trailer for season four, it seems that this season she might have the biggest role ever. Let us see the evolution of Max Mayfield over the years. And try to predict what sort of role she will have in the show’s highly awaited fourth season.

Evolution of Max Mayfield played by Sadie Sink


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The first episode of season 2, known as MADMAX, saw the introduction of the Max. She quickly became the talk of the group after beating Dustin’s score by 100,000 in Dig Dug. 

Max was truly an interesting character in season two. She was a lover of skateboarding and a Dungeons & Dragons, which was the primary reason she was accepted into the group. But that was the only role she played in her first season on the show. She was just there to create a rift in the group. And we did not get to know much about her in the second season.

But this all changed in the third season. It was in the third season that the character of Max got some depth. Her friendship with El became a huge point in both of the character’s arcs. And more light was shed on her relationship with her brother Billy Hargrove. And finally, Billy’s death and his apology to Max with his final breath gave Max the last amount of character growth she needed.

Will season 4 be different for Max?

From the day one of season four’s promotional material being released we are told one thing and one thing only: Season 4 is going to be different. Even Sadie Sink, in multiple interviews, has reiterated the same. And it seems likely, now that all the groundwork for Max has been laid perfectly in the previous season and this is the time to capitalize on it.


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A lot is happening for Sadie’s character in the fourth season. To begin with, she has to deal with her brother’s death and it is at his grave that strange things happen to her. If that’s not enough her only best friend in Hawkins, Eleven is finally leaving. El’s absence will leave a huge void in Max’s life. But it will also allow her to be in the limelight for the first time.


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These are just theories and we will have to wait till May 27th to confirm any of them. But it will be interesting to see where her arc goes in the newest season.


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