Eleven facts about Stranger Things Eleven that you didn’t know

Published 07/04/2021, 2:59 AM EDT

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Here are eleven interesting facts about the highly popular Stranger Things character Eleven that you probably didn’t know before.

We’re waiting for the release of Stranger Things season 4, but it’s really uneventful nowadays. The crew is probably going to finish the filming process in August when we will assumingly get more information about the series. As for the release, early-mid 2022 seems fine right now. Meanwhile, it’s always good to know more about the previous seasons and the characters. Eleven is sure about among the most popular character in the series. That’s why we decided to give you 11 interesting facts about her, courtesy of IMDb.

The Duffer brothers praise Millie Bobby Brown’s talent and ability to suit her performance to different camera positions, as this is something many child actors cannot do. However, Brown is still a child – she was, at least. At times, she appeared on set with a lot of glitters that delayed the filming schedule. Here’s what Ross Duffer had to say about that one according to NPR.


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“One day she showed up on set and she [was] just covered head to toe in glitter. And she’s like, ‘I don’t know where this glitter came from.’ And it’s like “I’m not having this problem with any of my adult actors. David Harbour is not coming in covered in glitter.” Removing the glitter delayed their filming schedule delayed by 45 minutes according to the Duffers.

The iconic haircut of Eleven was recorded and uploaded to the internet by her mother. However, Millie Bobby Brown’s dad sobbed and could not bear to watch it.


When she was cast for Stranger Things, Millie was 11 years old, lining up with the name of her character.

As most of you would recall, Eleven was a quite shy character in season 1. She only had 42 lines the whole season, and the longest one was “Just… Just hold on a little longer.”

Before the kissing scene of Eleven and Mike, the actors each ate a container of tictacs. It was Millie Bobby Brown‘s first kiss, too.

After the actors kissed and the directors said “Cut!”, Millie Bobby Brown didn’t quite like it. “THAT’S kissing?! That’s it? That sucked!” shouted the young actor, seemingly not content with her first kiss.


It took a LOT of salt for the crew to make Eleven float in the kiddie pool. They reportedly used 1,200 lbs of salt to make her float.

In S2E3, Hopper reads Eleven Lucy Maud Montgomery’s Anne of Green Gables. Before that, he also is shown reading this to his daughter Sarah in S1E8.


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Do you remember the clothes that Eleven borrows from Mike in S1E2? Well, those are the same clothes that Mike wore during their Dungeons & Dragons session in the previous episode, which was the first one in the series.

As we all know, Eleven was not very proficient when it comes to speaking and socializing. That’s why she was trying to learn how to do it from the TV programs. Interestingly, that approach to learning was also used by Madison in the movie Splash (1984), which was released in the same year that the Stranger Things season is set in.

Millie has an original British accent, so she has to switch it while acting. Well, it can cause problems for her as well, as she mentions in the video below.


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