Dr. Elvira Has a Halloween Songs Playlist From Netflix to Give You Musical Chills

Published 10/30/2021, 9:24 AM EDT

The queen of Halloween, Dr. Elvira of Netflix, is back with another Halloween prescription for us. Dr. Elvira promised us to give a dose of “chills and thrills” every weekend. So, after recommending an impressive list of all the films and series to continue for the month of Halloween, now she is back with a perfect playlist for us to continue the spookiness of this season.

Our iconic horror hostess, Elvira, throughout October, dropped terrifying and chilling movies and series. The mistress of the dark, Elvira claims in her promotional video, “Horror and thrillers are good for your health.”


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According to Elvira, “stress and fear cause restlessness. That means heart-pounding thrillers can combat stress because they elicit a shock response.”

Some films she recommended are There’s Someone Inside Your House, Fever Dream, Night Teeth, and Hypnotic. Classic horror is Elvira’s most favorite thing, so she suggests to us all the classic horrors.

Elvira’s Halloween song playlist

If you are struggling with “anxiety, stress, and jitters”, Elvira is here to fulfill your horror hunger. Not only for films and series, but she also has a Spotify playlist to carry on a ghoulish environment. Our hostess claimed, “The world’s been mad lately. You’ve probably had a few anxieties bubbling up, but not to worry. It’s nothing a little scare can’t help.”

She also added, “Heart-pounding thrillers can combat stress because they’re designed to elicit a shock response. This releases hormones like adrenaline, cortisol, and norepinephrine, resulting in a mood boost.”


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Music can ‘got your back’ when you’re all chills and thrills from the horror films. Here is the playlist prescription of Elvira. The playlist contains 37 songs in total. Most of the songs are from Netflix originals like Squid Game, Midnight Mass, There’s Someone Inside Your House, Locke and Key, Stranger Things, Night Teeth, Night books, The Haunting of Hill House, and many more.

Some of the most famous songs from the playlist which you should listen to over one time.

You should see me in crown by Billie Eilish, The Power of Faith, and Come, Darkness by The Newton Brothers, Cry Little Sister by CHVRCHES, Do As You’re Told by Mikky Ekko, Time of the Seasons by The Zombies, The Shower/The Dark by Mark Korven.


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