Deadliest Yet Evocative Scenes Of Ozark- RANKED

Published 02/02/2022, 9:30 AM EST

Ever since Ozark made its rip-roaring debut on Netflix; fans could not hold their breath till they deciphered each of its terror-evoking cliffhangers. We have now been part of the murder, kidnapping, drugs, torture, and everything in between with the Byreds family. Notably, Ozark season 4 part 2 will soon hit the platforms. Until then, let’s go on an interesting journey to the Ozarks, casting our minds back to some of its deleterious yet evocative moments.

Spoilers ahead! Here we have listed some of the best moments from Ozark that have glued us to our seats so far.

Ruthless Ruth of Ozark kills her uncle(s) by electrocution!


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(Season 1, Episode 9)

When Ruth finds out, her uncle, Russ, is secretly passing information to the FBI, her loyalty to the Byrdes is tested. To prove the same, she electrocutes both Russ and Boyd at the dock. Evidently, Ruth Langmore knows her way out. Interestingly, earlier she schemed the entire electrocution to kill Marty! However, things take an ironic turn and it was surely gruesome to watch.

Darlene shot Del dead

(Season 1, Episode 10)

Has anyone ever called you something that made you kill them, well, in your mind, of course? Such was the fate of the cut-throat leader of the cartel, Del. Although he agreed to supply Snells’ heroin and cope with the ongoing negotiations; Darlene shoots him dead the very instant he calls her ‘Redneck.’

Season one finale of Ozark was shocking, of course; but it also taught us not to call Darlene names.


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Buddy burns Snell’s farm

(Season 2, Episode 5)

Literally? It was Byrdes’ basement tenant who burned the farm! Even we couldn’t imagine it would be Buddy. He torches Snell’s poppy farm by emptying the liquid fertilizer blackjack. He ignites it through a roadside flare while Wendy was distracting Darlene.

Burn, baby, burn’ says Buddy, as he watches the farm turn into ashes. Sadly, after this crazy act to save the Byrdes from tying themselves to its consequences; Buddy dies in a car ride back home with Wendy.

Carl murders his wife, accidentally!

(Season 3, Episode 3)

Remember Wendy’s wish to expand the casino by acquiring Big Muddy, the nearby hotel and casino? The couple owning the hotel was not on parallel terms to their business with the Byreds. While the wife, Anita, didn’t want to sell, her husband was more than keen to sell it out.

On a walk in the woods, the couple gets in a fight for the same, and Anita abruptly tells her husband she should have rather married her brother. His stimulus thwacked her, and she lost her balance, falling into a river. What we hear is the cracking sound of Anita’s bones. Well, little did she know she was fighting for the hotel, at risk of her own life! It is not a significant death but a bizarre one, as her husband walks away pretending nothing had happened.

Helen Pierce meets her death too in Ozark

(Season3, Episode 10)

This was the dramatic, inevitable, and gory ending of the season 3 finale. We all knew Helen would meet her death soon, observing her intentions. Seriously, who would like to mess with the cartel and the Byreds in a bluff attempt to run the laundering operations and the casino all by herself?

Seemingly, as soon as Marty, Wendy, and Helen walked out of the SUV, she was gone. Marty and Wendy shot her dead. However, they had to attend the baptism ceremony of Navarro’s son entirely stained by Helen’s blood.

Sheriff Nix is killed by Javi

(Season 4, Episode 1)

Javi proves his cold-bloodedness, with his very first kill. If you have already watched season 4 of Ozark, you already know that Navarro’s nephew is the new impulsive threat. Earlier Javi was told that Byreds are taking cautious steps to shut down Darlene’s drug operation due to her control over the Sheriff. As Sheriff visits Helen’s house for investigation, Javi, the new resident, ironically shoots him dead at Helen’s door.

This is both shocking and exciting to watch as the Byreds will now have to clear one more mess which is to be continued in the upcoming episodes.

The gory finale of Ozark season 4 part 1

(Season 4, Episode 7)

Baby Zeke crying at a distance; The newly married couple, Darlene and Wyatt in awe, Darlene offering an apology for the first time in her life. Boom! Javi shoots both of them right in the chest and head, delivering the most frigid dialogue in Ozark’s history: ‘Sorry. Whoever you are.’


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Their corpses are left behind for Ruth to find out. We all know Langmore is weeping inside at her cousin’s death. How will Javi pay for his deeds? Seemingly, a war awaits us in the name of part 2 of season 4 of Ozark.


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Let us know in the comment section what is your favorite scene from Ozark so far? You can also stream this money-laundering crime-thriller on Netflix now.




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