Dark Desire Season 3: What Lies Ahead For Alma?

Published 02/16/2022, 6:30 PM EST

The second season of the steamiest Mexican drama, Dark Desire on Netflix, is ruling its top 10 charts. The show made its debut on Feb2. It is #5 in Netflix’s top 10 global charts for the original TV shows, as of February 14, 2022. This melodramatic mixture of romance and mystery attracted a lot of audiences and has created a separate fan base over time.

This Telenovela chiefly revolves around Alma, a gorgeous law professor whose husband is cheating on her. Alma, to live her own life carefreely, starts a love affair with a handsome student, Dario. He turns out to be a psychotic killer. Only if Alma knew what she was igniting was not just desire, but a chain of dark, gruesome events. What follows are sensual, erotic love triangles, jaw-dropping twists and turns, and nail-biting murders.

However, if you have already binged through all the 33 episodes of Dark Desire on Netflix, what you might be wondering right now is, will there be a third season? If yes, what’s more for us and Alma? Without taking much time, let’s dive deeper into these questions.


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Will there be season 3 of Dark Desire? What can we expect?

The second season of this melodramatic romance picked the lead exactly where season one dropped it. The illusions of her past obsessions haunted Alma, who then sought help. In the counseling program, she meets a strange woman, Lys, with a mysterious past. While Dario flees to Mexico with his newly inherited bank account to marry Julieta. However, Alma receives a mysterious invitation, and sparks are ignited again among Dario and Alma.

In the climactic ending of Dark Desire season 2, we see Alma smoking her last cigarette of liberation while Dario is cuffed to a hospital bed. After Dario spilled out all the truth; Alma explains to him how she disguised him in her mastermind plan, hence marking the end of the final season.

In the potential third season, we may expect Dario to find ways to escape the prison. But if that happened, what will follow will be nothing less than crackpot and absurd. Further, we may expect Alma and her ex-husband to couple up again and Esteban may come up with yet another convoluted scheme. There may even be some potential story for Alma’s daughter. A real twin of Dario may also pop up! However, all these are our predictions and we cannot assure it to be true following the unpredictability of the show.

Did Netflix already announce the third season?

NO! Netflix hasn’t announced a third season or spinoff of this steamy show. Further, the streaming giant already announced that the second season will be the final season of this Telenovela show. However, following the popularity it has gained over time, we cannot rule out the possibility. Before the Squid Game era, Dark Desire on Netflix was the most-watched non-English show.

Further, Netflix World also tweeted asking fans if they need a third season, and reactions were in the favor of the show:


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Notably, season 1 premiered on July 15, 2020, and after a wait of almost a year, the second season hit the streaming platform in the month of February 2022. Hence, a potential third season (don’t get your hopes high) may take us by surprise anytime in 2023.


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While we wait for our predictions to come true, let us know in the comment section about your predictions of season 3 of this erotic thriller.



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