Cat Burglar: All Deaths Explained in Netflix’s Interactive Cartoon

Published 02/24/2022, 1:30 PM EST

Enjoyed playing Bandersnatch? And have you been looking for similar interactive content on Netflix? Well, the wait is over. The team behind the innovative, Bandersnatch, is back with another show, but this time it’s a cartoon: Cat Burglar. It’s about a heist featuring a cat who wants to get his hands on a treasure – a painting. The premise may sound pretty straightforward with cute animations but the plot is filled with some gruesome deaths. 


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The anxiety-inducing show has 15 action points where viewers are given questions. Your answer matters here as Rowdy’s life rests on you. A wrong answer and you have to start all over again as you only get 3 life points!

Here are some of the grisly ways you can die on the Netflix show: Cat Burglar!


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Electrocuted to death 

Rowdy has to walk on a tightrope after he climbs up a telephone wall and meets a bird. Wrong answers get you electrocuted. 

A dinosaur head death 

Pretty straightforward, as Rowdy tried to open the museum, a chain reaction causes a dinosaur head to smash his skull. 

Pole vaulting goes wrong 

Rowdy’s pole gets caught in a gopher’s hole by accident. He crashes directly into the wall instead of landing inside. 

Shadow hand puppets get him killed

Trying to distract Peanut with shadow hand puppets, Rowdy gets himself killed when his plan fails. 

Shark eats him alive 

Another of Rowdy’s tricks goes wrong, as Peanut’s fishing rod catches Rowdy and a shark eats him alive. 

Punctured to death 

In a musical battle with Peanut, the bow from Rowdy’s string pierces him and he deflates.

Peanut attacks Rowdy 

In a standoff, Peanut will ram Rowdy into a Brontosaurus and will continue to assault him until he becomes a ghost. 

Bludgeoned to death

This Cat Burglar takes place on a Viking Ship. Peanut smashes Rowdy’s head with a blunt object before dying. 

Rowdy dies in an explosion 

Rowdy comes up with a better idea than climbing walls – going underground. This is where he comes across the Gas Line unknowingly and gets himself blown up. 

Car accident

In a sword fight, Peanut will decapitate Rowdy. And then a car will run him over.  

Sinks into a tar pit 

Peanut wields Pterodactyl skeleton as a fighter jet while Rowdy wields a turret in the match. Peanut wins as he shoots Rowdy down. 

Rowdy gets the bubonic plague in Cat Burglar 

This Cat Burglar scene involves a Guillotine and a medieval rack. However, in a plot twist, he will consume a substance from a bottle not knowing that it’s bubonic plague.


Sick of playing butt games with Peanut to find the key, Rowdy sets up a cannon meant for Peanut. But it ends up killing him. 

Peanut pulls a number on Rowdy

In a fun sequence of Rowdy being terrified of a mummy. Peanut brings him down along with all the artifacts.  

Crashes into the wall second the time 

In pure Cartoon logic, Rowdy turns into a cat helicopter as he misses bashing Peanut’s head. He goes headfirst into museum walls. 

T-Rex Rowdy abandons his own skin

Body swapping shenanigans ensues as  Rowdy Rex and skeleton peanut go round and round scaring each other. Eventually, Rowdy is left without any skeleton and only his skin. 


It takes only a bead of sweat to activate all the landmines in the area and Rowdy has no chance of living.

Alligator pit 

Rowdy falls into a pit full of alligators when his hand slips. 

A ticking bomb 

When Rowdy plays with the rope in the Priceless Display Room, it activates the bomb and an Easter Island head drops on him.

Shattered like a vase

Peanut pushes a vase which causes the vase to fall on top of Rowdy and kill him. 


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The paint thinner 

Rowdy can insert himself into an Egyptian painting. Peanut uses paint thinner to spread him to extinction. 

Rowdy commits suicide


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A bleak end for Cat Burglar on Netflix. Rowdy disguises himself as a Catopatra. Peanut falls in love with him and they get married. But their unhappy marriage leads Rowdy to commit suicide. 


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