Camp Rap: How Kanye West Spent $3 Million to Collaborate with Jay-Z and Other Rappers for His 2010 Album

Published 02/26/2023, 6:30 PM EST

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Kanye West is known for going big with his projects, and he lived up to that expectation when working on an album. Now, artists often collaborate on projects which help reach a wider audience and get more PR. But the hip-hop master went all out for his ‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy’ album that was released in 2010.

Not only did he have a star-studded album, but he also ensured that they would be treated as royally as he does during the process. Here is what went into making a massive collaboration that turned out to be a super success.


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How Kanye West managed to pull off a big collaboration when working on his album

Kanye West is known for being a creative genius, both with his music and his other work. The Genius website even ranked him number one on the top ten list of artists. In order to pull off a massive collaboration, the artist invited rappers from all around Hawaii. There, they were treated to a luxurious retreat for weeks long.

He called it ‘Rap Camp’, which had three rented studios to create music, made basketball arrangements, and provided well-cooked meals. The rapper’s list included a mix of both the classics and new talents, including Jay-Z, Kid Cudi, Nicki Minaj, Elton John, etc., according to Genius. But getting these benefits came at a price.

Pusha-T, who was also part of the album and collaborated to create ‘Runaway’, had some frustrating moments. “I had never worked like that before,” he explained when speaking to Rolling Stone. He explained how Ye would discuss areas over and over, thereby exhausting them all. The ‘So Appalled’ singer wrote Runaway nine times before it became acceptable to West. The result of this process was a song that people, including Tyler the Creator, loved and still love.

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While there was a hassle and weeks-long worth of work, it proved to be worth it in the end. Rappers not only got to see the ‘Donda’ singer’s scale of working but also his passion for perfection.


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How did the 2010 album fare after all these efforts?

In order to set the collaboration of his dreams, Ye is said to have spent a total of $3 million at that time. But it turned out to be a worthwhile expenditure. It ended up winning the Best Rap Album for the 54th Grammy Awards and CD of the year for the BET Awards.

Additionally, it topped the Billboard Chart, winning a nomination for Billboard Music Awards as well. The album remains one of the best works of Ye.


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