‘Bridgerton’ Season 2 Cast: Meet The New Characters As Well As The Old Ones

Published 03/15/2022, 11:30 AM EDT

There are few shows on Netflix as loved and as awaited as Bridgerton. Released during a time when the entire world had to stay home, this show offered its viewers the perfect escape. During the 10 episodes of the first season, viewers could get away from their mundane ordinary life involving work from home and online classes and venture into Regency-era London. Bridgerton season 2 and its cast brought more to the series. While we saw mere glimpses of Anthony’s life in season 1, we see a more complex and frankly more likable side of the character in the following season.

What is Bridgerton Season 2 release on Netflix based on?

Season 1 of Bridgerton focused on the oldest daughter of the household-Daphne. Although she is the fourth child and is younger than three of her brothers, she is to get married first. She meets and falls in love with the Duke of Hastings. Her story has many bumps but by the end of the season, she finds happiness in her stable marriage.


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Bridgerton season 2 is set two years after the events of season 1. Daphne has a child and is going to help find the match for her oldest brother, Anthony. Circling around a plot loosely based on Shakespeare’s comedy The Taming of the Shrew, we meet two new lead characters- The Sharma sisters.


Although Anthony shows interest in the younger, amiable, and beautiful Miss Edwina Sharma, his relationship with the older is much more complex and hence, indefinitely more fun to watch. Although Kate Sharma is infamous for her assertive nature, she and Anthony find that they have a lot more in common than they thought. Bridgerton season 2, along with its amazing cast will return to the screens of Netflix on March 25, 2022.

The cast of Bridgerton season 2

The old cast we meet again

Making a return while looking as radiant as ever is Daphne Bridgerton, the main protagonist of Bridgerton season 1. Dynevor has been seen starring in the BBC show Waterloo Road and Prisoners Wives. She has also worked alongside Rupert Grint and Luke Pasqualino in the television show Snatch.

Leading the cast in season 2 of Bridgerton is Jonathan Bailey. With his portrayal of Anthony in season 1, Bailey had become quite the head-turner. If his acting prowess stands out to you, then you probably have a taste for theatre. Bailey is the winner of an Oliver award, which is the theatre equivalent of BAFTAs.

Another theatre kid that we see in the cast of Bridgerton season 2 is Luke Thompson. Thompson is also critically acclaimed for his work with the Evening Standard and Ian Charleson Award nominations in his bag. Alongside playing Benedict, he has also appeared in BBC One series In The Club.

Playing the role of the most beloved Bridgerton sibling is Luke Newton. Newton debuted with the 2009 BBC series The Cut and later appeared on Disney in The Lodge.

Another fan-favorite character is Eloise Bridgerton, brought to life by actress Claudia Jessie. Jessie seems to have found home in period drama. Before she became a part of the cast of Bridgerton in season 1 and 2, she was known for her role in Vanity Fair.

The millennial viewers of the Netflix Original know Ruth Gemmell all too well. Gemmell has played the role of the protagonist’s mother in the cult favorite show The Story of Tracy Beaker.

If you’ve heard any interviews featuring Coughlan, you would have recognized that signature Galway accent that she somehow magically hides in the show. Coughlan has appeared in the show Derry Girls.

One of the most recognizable faces out of the cast of Bridgerton season 2 is that of Polly Walker. She is a Golden Globe nominated actress with a career spanning over three decades.

There are very few viewers who have seen Bridgerton and not recognized Adjoa Andoh. This veteran British actress is a sort of icon in theatre and has appeared in numerous television series.

The new cast we are introduced to

This British actress has Sri Lankan roots. Like most Brown households, hers was academically inclined too, but she found herself drawn to creative arts. After training in theatre and art schools, she made her debut with Wolfblood in the role of Zuhra in 2016. Viewers might also recognize her from the popular Netflix series Sex Education.


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Charitra Chandran joined the cast of Bridgerton in season 2. She plays the role of the beautiful Edwina Sharma, the season’s diamond. This British actress is very deep-rooted in her Indian and Tamil cultures and has quite an impressive academic and scientific history. While she is relatively new to the acting industry as compared to her co-stars, she has already appeared in series like Alex Rider and Pillow Talk.

  • Shelley Conn as Mary Sharma
  • Golda Rosheuvel as Queen Charlotte
  • Ruby Barker as Marina Thompson
  • Jessica Madsen as Cressida Cowper


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How many of these cast members did you recognize from before? Let us know in the comments and don’t forget to stream Bridgerton, only on Netflix!



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