Bridgerton Actors Simone Ashley and Jonathan Bailey’s Working Chemistry Is Just as Good as Kate and Anthony’s

Published 03/23/2022, 10:30 AM EDT

Bringing to life the incredibly complex love story of the second Bridgerton book, Simone Ashley and Jonathan Bailey have a lot of pressure. But, as is evident from the trailers and teasers, the two are just as good together as fans expected them to be. But was it all just acting or is their chemistry to be given some credit?

What makes Kate and Anthony’s bond special?

The best way to describe Kate Sharma and Anthony Bridgerton is through Sylvia Plath’s poem Mirror. In the poem, the woman sees her own image and we see how her perception of it changes over time.


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The poem begins with a mirror describing itself. It has no preconceptions. Those who view the mirror find it cruel due to their own terrible image. Yet, the mirror remains adamant that is it only truthful. The person using the mirror, in this case, an old woman, instead turns to candles and moonlight where she finds her image beautified. It is through these “liars” that the woman seeks comfort and avoids her true self.

Yet, Plath hints through the course of the poem just how important the mirror is to the woman. While the candles and moonlight give her solace and tell her she still is the beautiful young lady she once was, she knows all too well how the only grain of truth she will ever find is through the very mirror she so detests.

As much as we’d love to admire Plath’s genius all day, let’s go back to Anthony and Kate. Just as the way the woman loathes the mirror for the truth it shows, Kate, and Anthony see their own selves in each other. Unlike their siblings, the two are closed off and reserved- to the point of being cold and unwelcoming. They see their own flaws in the other person. However, they both find themselves drawn to each other the same way the woman is drawn to the mirror.

Simone Ashley talked about the same here.

Phew, talk about complex characters.

Bringing to life the layers of complexity Kate and Anthony have through their relationship wasn’t an effortless task. But, it was the beautiful chemistry they shared that made it possible!

What did Simone Ashley have to say about Bridgerton co-star Jonathan Bailey?

In an interview with Porter, Bridgerton, and Sex Education star Simone Ashley gives a rather straightforward answer to this question. She calls it a “fairy tale“. Then again, it isn’t your average fairy tale. She continues, “it’s not a typical fairy tale because these [are] two incredibly complex characters. For want of a better expression, [it’s] fucked-up people with a complicated history.”

The lead of the Netflix Original speaks further about her chemistry with co-star Jonathan Bailey. By now, we all know just how incredible he is in his portrayal of Anthony. But, Ashley reveals the special bond the two share. “Johnny [Bailey] and I have incredible working chemistry together. It was explosive on set

Bailey has also mentioned just how much he loved working with Ashley.


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Having caught the brief glimpses of the dance, all we can say is that it is going to be a fan-favorite too!

Their on-screen chemistry isn’t all there is! Although they were busy with the shooting most of the time, they managed to “sneak off for a drink together“. Finally, she concludes by mentioning how the two have “always had each other’s backs from the start; it’s a partnership.”


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