All American Season 4 Starts Premiering on the CW: When Is It Coming on Netflix?

Published 02/08/2022, 8:30 PM EST

All American, Season 4 is finally here. It was released on October 25th, 2021 on The CW. The most burning question of all time for fans that what will happen to Coop? And how it is going to affect others like Patience and Spenser?

All American is a sports drama series by April Blair. It was premiered way back on October 10th, 2021 on The CW. The plot inspires by the life of American football players Spencer Paysinger and Daniel Ezra.

“When a rising high school American football player from South L.A. is recruited to play for Beverly Hills High, the wins, losses, and struggles of two families from vastly different worlds—Crenshaw and Beverly Hills—begin to collide. Inspired by the life of pro football player Spencer Paysinger.”


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Season 3 of All American has ended on a very tragic note. Coop’s life is still hanging on the deathbed. She is still struggling with life and death. Layla is also in danger. Season 3 of All American ended with Coop getting shot.

We are expecting, Layla’s friend Carrie can also be in danger, or something drastic is still is done. Something tragic is going to happen to the teens, as they only pull Layla’s phone from the trash.

When will All American Season 4 will be streaming on Netflix?

All American, Season 4 is up on The CW, but Netflix fans have to wait for a few days.

Season 3 of All American, is just added to Netflix in July 2021. So, we can assume it will not be on Netflix that soon. So, we had plenty of time to watch all the seasons of All American.

All American, season 4 is not releasing on Netflix in November 2021. So, it’s likely to be on Netflix around spring, 2022, between March to May.


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Unfortunately, All American is only for the US subscribers, not for the international audience. The international audience can not view the season even after it is aired. It is not available to them.

Only the US subscribers will be waiting for season 4 of All Americans.

All American, season 4 will be released on Netflix in exactly eight days when the season finale will be released on The CW.


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So, fans, we have enough time to re-watch all the seasons again on Netflix. And if you didn’t watch any episodes of All American, it’s best to watch now before Netflix bombarded us with all-new episodes of Season 4.


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