Ali & Ratu Ratu Queens trailer dropped with the release date

Published 05/24/2021, 7:42 PM EDT

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Netflix released the official trailer for its new original Indonesian drama movie Ali & Ratu Ratu Queens.

The popular streaming platform does not stop producing high-quality local language Netflix original productions. We see the streaming service release highly popular local works in Turkey, India, South American countries, and many more. Those original local works are not only locally praised, they’re globally praised. This time it’s an Indonesian drama that looks highly promising.

Netflix released the trailer for its new original movie. Titled Ali & Ratu Ratu Queens, the movie tells about a teenager who tries to find his mother. Many subscribers from all over Asia like the trailer, and expect the movie to be a good one, too.


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The movie tells the story of a young boy named Ali who goes to New York to connect with her estranged mother following his father’s death. However, his trip to New York takes some surprising turns and Ali finds connections that he did not expect.

We see Ali’s earlier connection with his mother in his childhood, and how he grows up to miss her. After that, Netflix shows us some parts of Ali’s trip to New York, which has some unexpected consequences given his new friends.

Here’s Netflix synopsis of their new original Indonesian movie:

“After waiting for years, Ali decided to go to New York to find his mother, who left him when he was little. However, he soon finds himself facing unexpected challenges, and through that journey, discovers that there are many different ways to finding the real meaning of family.”

Lucky Kuswandi is the director of the new Indonesian drama movie that’s going to be on Netflix in June. He has experience working on many Indonesian movies and series despite his young age. Kuswandi is seen as a promising director, and we’ll see how well he did in the next movie.

Iqbaal Dhiafakhri Ramadhan plays as Ali in the movie. He’s known for his work on the Indonesian movie series Dilan.

Jonathan Sienkiewicz will play as Steve. Sienkiewicz earlier played in the VR episode of Mr. Robot as Mike.


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Here are some other cast members of Ali & Ratu Ratu Queens:

  • Aurora Ribero as Eva
  • Cut Mini Theo as Bude
  • Samantha Kudler as art school student
  • Ian Whitt as Brandon Jones
  • Vincent Ticali as Mia’s husband
  • Alphonso Walker Jr. as Jamacian man
  • Bari Hyman as Professor Andrea
  • Victoria Hope Chan as Lisa

Netflix’s new original Indonesian drama movie is going to be on the popular streaming titan on June 17. This means we do not have to wait for that much until we can watch the inspiring adventures of Ali. Meanwhile, you can watch the trailer below to get a sense of the movie.


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What are your thoughts about Netflix’s new Indonesian drama movie? Does it seem exciting, are you going to watch it?



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