“Wild mix of fear and excitement” THIS Scene From Heartstopper Is Giving Fans the Butterflies

Published 04/29/2022, 10:30 AM EDT

Netflix’s newest hit series Heartstopper is absolutely adored by fans. Audiences love the whole first season but a particular scene seems to have won the hearts of millions. The scene includes Nick and Charlie and Netflix calls this scene a “wild mix of fear and excitement.”

Let us take a look at which scene is this.

Heartstopper almost hand-holding scene


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The beauty of Heartstopper lies in its writing. The show is as much about Nick as it is about Charlie. Throughout the major part of the first season viewers follow Nick as he is trying to explore and understand his sexuality better.

In fact, the scene where Nick takes a quiz to find out whether he is queer or not is being called extremely relatable by fans. So continuing on the trajectory of figuring himself out. There is a scene in the show where Charlie is passed out cold beside Nick as they share a blanket.

When Nick realizes Charlie is deeply asleep, he takes a look at Charlie and his open palm. And gets a sudden urge to hold his hands.

The scene is beautifully written by Alice Oseman and is equally greatly shot. The scene shows Nicks’ vulnerability and desire in the perfect way.


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The energy is so contagious that viewers too feel the butterflies inside Nicks’ stomach as they desperately cheer for him to hold his hands. As Netflix so rightly calls it “wild mix of fear and excitement.”


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Do Nick and Charlie end up together?

Nick and Charlie do end up together, much to the pleasure of fans. Because this is a youthful romance, a happy ending is expected. But some viewers were anxious that the characters’ indecisiveness would be carried over into the next season.


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Charlie left the relationship not because he didn’t want to be with Nick, but because he believed he was making his life more difficult for him. “I know people have hurt you and you feel like I’d be better off without you,” Nick says to Charlie in the season’s last episode, attempting to make his intentions known.

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