Wrexham stadium gets a new name, Ryan Reynolds & Rob Mcelhenney locked deal

Ryan Reynolds recently announced the wonderful news of a partnership between Wrexham AFC and Stokcoldbrew Coffee on Twitter. The oldest soccer team in the world now has Stokcoldbrewcoffee as an official sponsor. Here is what we currently know. 

Stokcoldbrew is the official sponsorship 

The Wrexham Association Football Club's Racecourse Ground has named SToK Cold Brew Coffee as its official sponsor. SToK Cold Brew Coffee is one of the most well-known and rapidly expanding cold brew coffee companies in the United States. The New name of the stadium is SToK resources. 

Uniting Passion for Football and Coffee

This collaboration blends the passion for football represented by Wrexham AFC with the exquisite flavors of Stockcoldbrew, creating a platform for fans to enjoy their favorite sport alongside a cup of exceptional coffee.

What did Ryan Reynolds say? 

In the twitter post, Ryan Reynolds wrote, "Brand new sponsor, same team culture. Welcome @Stokcoldbrew, @Wrexham_AFC’s newest sponsor of the world’s oldest international football stadium."

Excitement for Fans

With Ryan Reynolds at the helm of Wrexham AFC, this collaboration adds another layer of excitement for the fans. The partnership with Stockcoldbrew brings a fresh and engaging experience to the club's supporters, both on and off the field.

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