When Ryan Reynolds chose Finland over Canada

Ryan Reynolds, who plays Deadpool, is renowned for his funny and acerbic perspective on everyday issues. The similar thing occurred when Ryan decided that Finland would be a better country to reside in than Canada in an interview. The interview clip is currently trending online. 

Ryan Reynolds Praises Finland's Quality of Life

Ryan Reynolds praised Finland's quality of life, stating that he believes it is a better place to live in than his home country of Canada.

What did Ryan Reynolds say?

The Deadpool actor said, "I know we are friendly but Canada is not your safe house. I mean We barely let Canadians into Canada anymore. So please pick somewhere else, I hear Finland is really lovely this time of the year." 

The Actor's Personal Experience

Reynolds has his experience of living in Finland during the filming of "Free Guy" was "extraordinary" and that he felt "safer, happier, and healthier" than he did in Canada.

Factors Contributing to Finland's Appeal

It is no doubt that Finland's healthcare system, education, and social safety net as some of the factors contributing to its appeal. He also praised the country's focus on the environment and sustainability. Which country would you prefer to live in, if you get a chance?

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