The truth behind Ryan Reynolds' £1.5m home near Wrexham

Ryan Reynolds has denied rumors of buying a house near Wrexham despite his involvement with the club. While embracing Wrexham culture, he clarified that the reports of purchasing a property in Marford are untrue.

Ryan Reynolds denies house purchase

Ryan loved sports and wanted to own an NHL franchise, the Ottawa Senators. Along with being the team's celebrity bidder, he was joined by rappers Snoop Dogg and Weeknd. 

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are not fully fledged locals

Having dived head-first into their new venture following their high-profile takeover of the club in 2021, he and co-owner Rob McElhenney appear to have totally embraced Wrexham culture, but they aren't fully-fledged locals … not yet at least.

What Did Ryan Reynolds say on the rumor? 

"I mean I've got four kids here in New York. There was an article that said I'd bought a home over there, but that was not accurate at all," Reynolds said speaking on the Fearless in Devotion podcast.

How did the rumor spread across the media?

Reynolds dismissed reports of him and Blake Lively settling in north Wales, clarifying that the speculation was inaccurate. They have no plans to relocate to the region.

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