Why is Wrexham AFC Causing Ryan Reynolds Heart Attacks? Here is How

In the entire time Ryan Reynolds has been on the screen, the Canadian superstar has spent half of it in the gym bulking up for Deadpool 3. In his mid-forties, he has an envy-inducing physique that men younger than him have been striving for. The energy that the Deadpool star brings with him would make anyone believe he is as healthy as a horse.

Ryan Reynolds recently returned to X, formerly Twitter, to express his excitement about the victory of his team Wrexham AFC over Crawley Town. He reshared the post of the club that celebrated end-to-end match 1-0 in pleasant October weather. 

In the caption, he wrote: “Wrexham AFC is the leading cause of heart attacks in my chest”. It was indeed a big win for them because, after Crawley, their team was the first to win at the Broadfield Stadium since August 19. 

Despite having fewer players, Dragons stayed competitive and made it hard for the opponent to score anything significant. This spirit of the team made the heart of their co-owner race. 

The duo continuously celebrates every small or big achievement of the team on social media and cheer up players. Just weeks before this win, the father of four dropped a stack of photos that melted down fans’ hearts.

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