This MCU Star To Share Screen With Ryan Reynolds in deadpool3

Deadpool 3 is filming at Pinewood Studio. The face behind the daedpool suit, Ryan Reynolds has been highly active shooting the blockbuster film of Marvel Universe. However, there is a special character of MCU comfirmed to chip into the film with Reynolds.

The Writer of Deadpool 3 brings a special MCU Character in screeplay

The Comic Circle’s podcast recently had Brian Kitson, the host, and Alex Perez, the writer, on to talk about the Spiderverse, as well as the most iconic moments from the film.

the duo revealed a big news 

During their conversation, the duo talked about some upcoming projects of MCU. Among these, one is Deadpool 3, and another one is Agatha: Coven of Chaos. As Alex Perez hinted, Wanda is alive.

wanda is alive? 

He revealed, “You’re gonna get a lot of Wanda references.” Admitting it would take a little time, too. But Perez specifically pointed out, Deadpool 3 and Agatha: Coven of Chao will mention Wanda a lot. 

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