“Meghan Actually Likes Being Famous” - Insider Claims

Jennifer Aniston claim to fame may be her starring role on the sitcom Friends but unlike Rachel Green, who found her happy ending with Ross Geller, Jennifer Aniston is learning to love again.

According to a report, Jennifer Aniston said that the actress is not actively looking for love but believes that she will have another chance.

The actor-turned-duchess has had a varied career, from her breakout role as Rachel Zane on  “Suits” to leaving behind her royal responsibilities to become a Netflix producer and podcast host. 

All the rumors of the actress getting back together with her second ex-husband, Justin Theroux, were put to rest when an insider revealed that the Murder Mystery star.

Given that Jennifer Aniston has always been right at the center of everyone’s interest, the actress lets into her life as she focuses on her growth.

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