“Respectfully, no”: Fans Assemble as Netflix Joins the “It’s Morbin’ time” Bandwagon

Published 09/07/2022, 12:00 PM EDT

Twitteratis spare no one. Even if it’s the beloved platform Netflix. Maybe because Netflix was like Ross Geller humming a tune after a spontaneous singing by the whole group. And fellow users were like Chandler going, “No, no, we are done.” We got to see a similar reaction to a tweet by Netflix about the movie Morbius.

Netflix often drops hints and updates about its shows on social media. And while fans look forward to every tweet, they are quick to pull a leg at any flaw. So when Netflix’s Twitter account tried to join in on a trend, it was called out for it, hilariously. Let’s see what was it about.


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Fans of Morbius mock Netflix for their Morpheus post

The catchphrase “It’s Morbin’ Time” has been blazing across social media since the end of last year. The catchphrase is picked from the 2022 superhero film Morbius. But like every trend, it eventually started dying down. Until Netflix woke up from the grave to jump on the bandwagon with the tweet, “It’s Morbin’ Time”. And in a hilarious roll of comments, fans mocked the platform for being too late.


Fellow followers were quick to ground the Tweet, pointing out that the account was too late on the trend.

The meme that was born out of the movie Morbius had already died down when Netflix posted it


But one fan was still supportive of Netflix finally getting on the bandwagon


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A backstory on how the Morbius trend began

The catchphrase is not actual dialogue from the film. The Daniel Espinosa film is based on Marvel Comics and stars Jared Leto in the lead with Matt Smith and Michael Keaton as costars. It revolves around Dr. Morbius and his dangerous experiments to cure the illness that leads to unforeseeable circumstances. The catchphrase was used as meme material for a long.


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But it originated on Twitter and in an article KnowYourMeme explained the details behind it. It came into being in April 2022 when a Twitter account by the name @Rank10YGO posted, “the best part of Morbius was when he said ‘IT’S MORBIN’ TIME’ and morbid all over those guys,” The tweet was about the movie Moribus and the viral popularity of the Morbius Sweep meme.

What do you think of Netflix joining the trend? Let us know in the comments.



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