Red Notice Trailer Fans Reactions: Catch Here the Best Ones

Published 10/22/2021, 1:03 PM EDT

Netflix can’t seem to get past the heist genre as we get another heist movie, but this time viewers will probably not need English subtitles. Netflix released the Red Notice trailer on 21st October.

Fans had a lot to say about the Red Notice trailer, as they are excited for the most expensive film by Netflix to hit the platform.


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Twitter reaction

Twitter had mixed reactions, as it always does. While most retweets and replies were fans who were awestruck by the cast, there were some viewers who felt Ryan’s roles have been getting repetitive.

Some fans couldn’t help but emphasize their love for Gal Gadot, while others adored Ryan’s comic timing and his bromance with Dwayne Johnson. There were other admirers who demanded the trailer be in their regional languages.

YouTube reaction

The top comments on the YouTube trailer were all admiring the cast of the movie. The viewers also picked up on the “Gladiator” reference when Dwayne said, “Are you not entertained?

Netflix has only released the trailer to the movie, but the fans are already quoting jokes from the trailer in the comments. Memers should watch out for this one.

Trailer summary


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The trailer showcased what every Dwayne Johnson, Ryan Reynolds, Gal Gadot movie has had i.e. lots of action, witty one-liners, and suave. The major attraction of this film is its lead cast. This dynamic trio has previously worked in superhero films, so the action sequences are not new to them.

Previous Dwayne Johnson movies like “Hobbs and Shaw” and “Central Intelligence” had the same premise where the cop (Dwayne Johnson) teams up with a bad/goofy guy (Ryan Reynolds) to capture an even bigger bad guy (Gal Gadot in this case). We will have to watch the movie to see if there are any twists or turns in this rather simple plot.


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The cast of this film will be a delight to watch together for a fan of the action-comedy genre. The Rawson Marshall Thurber-directed Red Notice will release on Netflix on November 12.



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