“You are Will Smith’s son” – Fans Have a Lot to Say About What Saved Jaden Smith’s Life

Published 11/16/2022, 9:00 AM EST

Will Smith, before his massively successful career as a Hollywood A-lister, was also known for his straight-up class act-raping skills. And mind you, it was not just a side hobby or a mediocre line of profession Smith chose. Before earning billions as an actor, the Fresh Prince, as he called himself back then, had already pulled off some millions under his name with his music. Under such circumstances, it is quite expected how much of a rap influence he and his family must have. 

Recently, a tweet by his own son, Jaden Smith, has reportedly gone viral overnight. More than what the tweet meant literally, fans had a lot to say about an underlying reason for finding him remotely justified. Trying to reason out with the 24-years-old, fans gushed the platform with hilarious comments with all fun and games. 


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“I was like, you Joker!” – When Will Smith’s 18-Year-Old Son Jaden Tricked the Whole Family Into Going to London

about 1 year ago

Will Smith’s 24-year-old cracks up the internet with a facetious tweet

Four days ago, on the 11th of November, 2022, the ex-rapper and actor’s son, Jaden Smith, posted a tweet on his official Twitter handle. Although it was a confession of something utterly sincere and important to the aspiring star, fans could not stop bombarding him with all fun and praise remarks. Jaden Smith wrote, “rap saved my life.” Now, we are all aware of how influential and cathartic rap music is. Sometimes headbanging to a hardcore rap from Eminem is all we want. Similar was the case with Smith’s son. 

Now, what is a Gen-Z that does not treat serious issues with deliberately inappropriate humor? Following the trend, fans could not stop sarcastically hinting at the obvious reason for his fascination with rap music. Targeting Will Smith’s enormous stardom as a well-established rapper of his era, fans quote tweeted him and said, “brother, you are Will Smith’s son”.


One fan even said, “nigga no, Jackie Chan saved ur life


While others pulled a sarcasm and said,  


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On the professional front, Jaden Smith is diving into the fashion world with his bold fashion choices and clothing line MSFTS. He even attended this year’s Fashion Week in Paris, where he walked out of Kanye West’s show after the latter sported White Lives Matter T-shirts. Recently, he even conducted the Atlanta Arts Festival on the Halloween weekend.

What did you think about Smith’s tweet and fan reactions to it? Leave a comment below to share your thoughts with us.




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