Who Is Mark Rowley? The Actor Connecting ‘The Witcher’ and ‘The Last Kingdom’

Published 09/16/2023, 4:54 AM EDT

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There are only a few actors who are lucky enough to find their niche in the movie business. And Mark Rowley is one of them. Just as Arnold Schwarzenegger established his dominance in the action genre, Rowley has been busy carving a niche in fantasy and historical fiction. With his impressive work in River City and Young Dracula, the actor who was once only signed for 3-4 episodes, got a screen time of 36 episodes in The Last Kingdom.

Taking his skills to other popular franchises, the actor starred in Declan de Barra’s fantasy miniseries, The Witcher: Blood Origin, which is a prequel to Henry Cavill’s The Witcher. Before he becomes the GOAT in historical fantasies, it is important to be up to speed on his history as well. 

Is Mark Rowley Scottish or British?


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Many people confuse the 33-year-old with a British Senior police officer, Mark Rowley. While there are many who identify themselves as both Scottish and British, Rowley likes to remain true to his cultural roots, Scotland. He was born in Paisley, Scotland in the year 1990, to Ann and Stephen Rowley, who was a fireman by profession. Just like the soon-to-be MCU star, Hugh Jackman, Rowley also found his true calling when he hit the theatre stages.

The actor was a part of PACE Youth Theatre in Paisley for several years until he convinced himself to step into the world of cinema. Later, the actor polished his skills at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama aka Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. After his graduation from the biggest performing arts venue in Scotland in 2012, the actor took up small gigs with BBC and managed to get a small role in a British Crime drama. This is where the Scottish actor’s journey to become a known face in Hollywood began. 


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What are Rowley’s works so far?

The actor received a part alongside Jason Isaacs in the British crime drama television series Case Histories. However, his role was not very significant, and he did not even make it to the cast listing of the series. Soon after his first gig, the actor starred in an episode of the British psychological drama Luther but again failed to get a mention among the cast members. It was not until he got to play the youngest Macbeth in Kit Monkman’s 2018 movie, at the age of 25.

During this time, he also bagged the most significant role in his career as the Irish warrior Finan in the second season of Netflix’s The Last Kingdom. Following the historical fiction’s success, the actor had a wave of exciting projects coming his way. From getting a leading role in Lift Share to playing a part in the highly acclaimed TV series The North Water, the actor became unstoppable. After that, he went on to do two more historical movies, including The Spanish Princess and The Witcher: Blood Origin as Prince Alvitirin.

Who is Mark Rowley dating?

After a spree of small roles, the actor has finally managed to be a popular figure in Tinseltown. And with popularity comes fans’ inquisitiveness, especially about the personal lives of celebrities. Though the Doctors actor tries his best to keep his personal life “private”, fan speculations show no signs of ending. Earlier, there was a persisting rumor floating about the actor being married. However, it was until the news about his dating an agent assistant started circulating. 


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Even though there is hardly any trace of Rowley’s relationship status on his social media handles, his rumored girlfriend, Zoe Barker, posted several photos of them together. She shared a photo of them on the sets of The Last Kingdom with a caption saying, “..love you so much”. She also wished Rowley on his birthday and shared a post. “Just look at him… I couldn’t be luckier!”. These posts left no further room for speculation as it has been clear that the two have been dating for a long time, reportedly for at least three years. 

However, apart from showing interest in his dating life, fans have also been wondering what the actor is up to now!

What is Mark Rowley doing right now?

Fans last saw Rowley in Barra and Hissrich’s prequel of The Witcher as Prince Alvitirin and played a voice-over role in The DioField Chronicle video game. Being a gaming nerd, the actor has given his voice to many other video games in the past, including Star Wars, Battlefield, and Assassin’s Creed. However, lately, he has been busy with a psychological thriller The Eye, alongside Indian actress Shruti Hassan. Even though there has not been any confirmation on the release date, the movie’s production started in 2022.


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Apart from that, he has also been working on the Netflix comedy-drama, One Day, also under post-production at the moment. Rowley will be starring alongside Leo Woodall, Ambika Mod, and Amber Grappy as per IMDB. The TV series will follow the storyline of Emma and Dexter, played by Mod and Woodall respectively, who meet on the night of their graduation and must part ways the next day. However, there has not been any confirmation on the release date of this collaborative TV series either.


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