The Matt Smith Starrer ‘Charlie Says’ Based on Charles Manson Available on Netflix? Where Can You Watch It?

Published 10/03/2022, 9:00 AM EDT

Shannon Tate was only 26 and heavily pregnant when members of the Manson family brutally murdered her. The decade of the 1960s was plagued with cults popping up across America. From lost, neglected youth to children from affluent families, all looking to find identity or a sense of belonging. Taking advantage of their vulnerabilities were men like Charles Manson, who not only exploited them but also led them to sinister paths. One of the most gruesome serial killers in history, he has several documentaries and movies based on him. The highlight of this is not Charles, but the innocent victims that lost their lives.

One such movie is the 2018 biographical drama Charlie Says. Directed by American Psycho maker Mary Harron, it stars Doctor Who actor Matt Smith along with Marianne Rendon, Hannah Murray, and Sosie Bacon. The IFC film production will give you chills, rediscovering the horrors of the Manson family. It shows how one man changes so many lives for the worse. Here is where you can watch the mind-boggling movie.


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Is Charlie Says, a movie based on Charles Manson, available on Netflix?

Matt Smith will have you watching your back, as he represents the monster that Manson was, in Charlie Says. The film is based on the books The Family, authored by Ed Sanders, and Karlene Faith’s Long Prison Journey of Leslie Van Houten. The movie picks up years after Manson is arrested for the murder of three women: Susan Atkins, Patricia Krenwinkel, and Leslie Van Houten, who are part of the Manson family. The focus of the movie is Leslie, and the two girls in the cult, who get help from Karlene Faith to reprogram their life so far, and how it became the way it did.

The movie progresses through flashbacks, from scenes of them being groomed under the evil serial killer, to them eventually murdering actress Sharon Tate and LaBiana. So far, Manson-based projects were focused on him and his crimes, but Charlie Says will bring you insight into the women of the Manson family.


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As per sources, the movie is available to stream on Netflix currently, and available to purchase/ rent on Apple iTunes. Will you check out this harrowing real story on Netflix? Let us know.



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